by Canaan [Reviews - 2]

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Author's Notes:
100 words exactly in MS Word. Beta by aibhinn, but I've changed a couple words since then, so the mistakes are all mine. Disclaimer: I don't own Lady Christina de Souza, the Doctor, Doctor Who, or the BBC.

"It's empty," I said. This unprepossessing bag was Mum's most valued possession?

"I know." Mum's smile was full of secrets. "It's the bag I was carrying when I met the Doctor."

She'd told me about the Doctor when she thought I was old enough. I was never sure I believed the story. "I don't get it."

She sat on the floor, beside me. "The bag is empty. That's the point--that's what the Doctor is. He takes away everything you have . . . and in return, he gives you everything you could be. And sometimes, if you're very lucky . . . you really fly."