"This means war"

by kerriangel [Reviews - 3]

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  • Fluff, General, Humor

Author's Notes:
This has been re-written because I didn't like the first draft.

Tosh and Owen shielded beghind the over turned desk. The carnage of the great battle was all around them and Tosh had a suspicious red stain trickling down her forehead.

"Stay here my lady love. I shall fight this war." Owen said, pretending to be a dashing knight with Tosh as his damsel in distress. "No you mustn't. They shall be ruthless in their attack!" Tosh play acted before grabbing the weapons and ignoring their so-called friends, now their enemies taunt them.

Soon, they called a ceasefire. The effects of hundreds of E-numbers, caffeine and alcohol was fast wearing off and the four of them collasped in a heap on the floor, fast asleep.

Owen was the first to wake up, and he cursed softly as he surveyed the carnage of the Hub. Ketchup and BBQ sauce were splattered everywhere like blood. Sugar lay an inch thick on the floor and other indescribable traces of food that were once pizzas gave the impression that a bomb had hit the Hub. Owen looked at the CCTV cameras and gasped. Ianto was heading to the Hub. Owen hurried to wake everyone up and they took refuge in the Archives as an angry bellow echoed through the Hub.


Maybe having a food fight wasn't a good idea after all.