DJ Jonesy

by kerriangel [Reviews - 2]

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  • Fluff, General, Humor

Author's Notes:
I'm not sure what brought this on, maybe the bit in "Something Borrowed" where we see him DJing? I just know that maybe I shouldn't listen to music on a Saturday morning.

Owen knocked on the door of Tosh's flat. Tosh smiled at Owen as they walked through the city like so many others on a Saturday night. They begged the time off from Jack and conveniantly forgot their mobiles.

Owen paid for them to get into the club and they had a good time, dancing and taking the mick of each other. The DJ appeared and yelled into the microphone. "OK Cardiff! Make some noise for DJ Jonesy!" he yelled. The crowd cheered and moved their bodies to the new Cascada track.

As another song came on, Tosh tapped a girl on the shoulder. "Who's DJ Jonesy anyway?" she yelled to be heard above the music. "Don't know, but he's the hottest new DJ in South Wales! He's amazing!" The girl replied and kept on dancing.

Owen and Tosh walked over to the booth to get a song played. All jaws hit the floor as they stared at the unmistakeable man wearing headphones and a white hoody, a change from the usual suit.