Doctor Who Classicfied: The Christmas Invasion

by Derek Metaltron [Reviews - 1]

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  • Teen
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  • Action/Adventure, Alternate Universe, Humor, Hurt/Comfort, Series

Author's Notes:
Though the Doctor has recovered from his infections, he must still battle the Sycorax and save Earth once more. But is humankind worth saving? And will the Brigadier actually get to have his Christmas Dinner? The final chapter is here!

“Doctor!” Jo exclaimed with glee as she saw the figure standing within the TARDIS doorway.

“GAHHHHHHHHH!” The Sycorax leader lunged at the Doctor with his whip. Quick as a flash the Time Lord entered his Venusian Aikido stance and slammed his open palm into the creature’s rib cage. In pain it dropped the whip and the Doctor snapped it in two.

“Most undignified piece of flimflam. Now you stay there, old chap, got things to do first.”

The leader suddenly reared up with his staff, but once again the Doctor reacted, this time spinning to one side, grabbing the stick and again snapped it clear in two. “I said… wait! Now then… Mike Yates, glad to see you again! Brigadier, old bean, you look splendid.”

Lethbridge shrugged. “This alien invasion happens to be making me miss Christmas Lunch with Doris and her mother.”

“Oh, dear, bad luck. Well I’ll have it sorted in no time… Good grief, the Prime Minister!” Though the Doctor was not one for keeping up with politics he of course recognised the ‘Iron Lady’ immediately.

“Doctor, a pleasure to finally meet yo-”

“Yes, yes, whatever.” The Time Lord dismissed her for the moment. “And Jo… shouldn’t have dragged me from the TARDIS! The old girl has equipment to help with these sorts of things; it cured me of the Chronon energy nicely enough. Of course you brought me back, so that problem was simple enough.”

“If I might interrupt…” The Sycorax leader had by now stood up and though pain ridden stood up and glared angrily at the Doctor. “Who are you? What are you?”

“Fair question. Well… I’m the Doctor. I’m haven’t been quite myself lately, but I’m certainly well enough to see that you’re causing trouble. What for example, is that?” He pointed at the red button and ran up to him before any of the Sycorax could stop him.

“Ah, Control Matrix, very clever. And the feeder happens to be… oh I see.” He spotted the blood housed within on a try. “Blood sample, looks to be A Positive so I don’t need a taste. So that means blood control. But of course, you’re the Sycorax.”

“You have heard of our people? Impossible!” The leader was moving towards him, ready to be rid of the interloper.

“Not for someone who knows just about everything, old chap. For example, I happen to know this…” And he slammed on the Red Button.


Sergeant Benton was suddenly aware that he was starting on the edge of the UNIT mansion and backed off from the dangerous drop. Then he spotted the huge spaceship in the distance.



“You killed them,” Alex said with horror.

“Of course not!” The Doctor flashed him a sour look. “All part of the usual Sycorax master plan. All it involved was simple hypnosis, but you can’t tell a person who’s hypnotised to kill themselves — the survival instinct is just too powerful.”

“It matters not. I can take this planet by force if needed,” the Sycorax leader growled.

“But what’s the point sir, really?” The Doctor came to stand opposite him. “Humans can be a pretty nitwit ridden bunch, particularly the Brigadier when he’s off… well, anyway… but there is some good amongst them. They deserve to live. So live them be!”

“Or what?” the alien hissed.

“Or I’ll fight you!” Quick as a flash the Doctor grabbed one of the Sycorax swords and pointed it at the leader. “I, sir, am a master swordsman, if you truly are an honourable sort you will agree to leave Earth if I am able to best you within the grounds of single combat.”

The leader grimaced, recalling the uncanny prowess of the figure when he used those martial arts upon him. But with pride at stake… “Stinking human… if you stand as this world’s champion, I will destroy you with ease.”

“I doubt it.” The Time Lord grinned.

And at once, the sword battle commenced.

The Sycorax leader and Doctor clashed swords, the Doctor displaying an immense amount of concentration upon his brow as the sound of steel against steel echoed within the vast cavern. The leader quickly realised his mistake, for the Doctor was an impressive swordsman, his white hair flowing as he parried and made blows, dodging when needed and proving a worthy opponent.

“You… are good, human. But I am better….” The Sycorax hissed, and a sudden wave of fierce blows caused the Doctor to lose balance, and he was forced to leap out of the way as the enraged alien carried on. Spying a control panel as he was backed into a corner the Doctor pushed it, and light streamed in as the pair fought high above the clouds, all of London down below them.

Swords continued to swing, and the Doctor was alarmed as the Sycorax leader attempted to hit him in the torso with the butt of his own sword, but he leapt out of the way. Before the alien could react, a powerful outstretched palm hit the back of the Sycorax, and the sudden shock of this painful attack made him crash to the floor.

A cheer from the humans arose as the Sycorax leader turned groggily, stunned. “Witchcraft.”

“Venusian Aikido. Oh, and I win old chap.” The Doctor pointed his sword directly at the Sycorax’s throat. “Now I’ll spare you if you agree to this: take your kind and never attempt to threaten the inhabitants of this world ever again.”

“I… I swear.”

The Doctor’s eyes narrowed. “On the blood of your species?” At a nod, he smiled. “Good, crisis averted.” He stuck the sword into the ground and walked off to Jo and the others. “Never thought I’d be saving the world in a dressing gown again. Ah well, can’t wait to be back in the old…”

A sudden cry from the leader as he raced towards the Doctor alerted him. Without even turning, the Doctor tensed his muscles. Just as the leader was about to hit him, he spun on one foot and thrust a hand at the Sycorax’s chest. “HAI!” The leader gasped, rolled his eyes and crumpled to the ground.

At a look from Jo, the Doctor shrugged. “Should have known not to do that. You there!” He pointed to one of the nearby Sycorax warriors. “Pick him up, there’s a good chap. He’s only been knocked out and should be aright in a few hours. Incredibly hard to do that move with just two limbs, my teacher used to say…”

He stopped as he re-entered the cavern with the others, a frown upon his face. He shouted up to all of the Sycorax present. “By the rites of combat I have won, and by that power I have ordered your leader to never harm this world again. Remember that when you speak of this world to others — that it is defended.


The various humans and the Doctor found themselves transported onto one of London’s many streets, and watched in amazement as the Sycorax ship took off and headed into the atmosphere.

“We did it! We did it!” A huge hug from Jo enveloped the Doctor and after such seriousness he was glad to have Jo back. She turned and planted a huge kiss on Mike Yates’ lips, who wasn’t at all ready for it and immediately blushed as the Brigadier grinned amused at the whole thing.

“Well done, Doctor, you’ve done it again.” He shook the Time Lord’s hand firmly. “And on Christmas Day of all days.”

“You know me, Brigadier, never to disappoint. Besides, you hairless apes are usually worth saving.” The pair burst into laughter as the Prime Minister stood close by. Alex whispered something in her ear and she sighed, glancing across at the Doctor and the others.

“Tell them to fire,” she said.

All at once, huge points of green light burst from various parts of London as the stunned humans watched. Only the Brigadier recognised it for what it was, and closed his eyes. With a huge explosion, the Sycroax ship was destroyed.

“That was murder,” the Doctor hissed as he turned to the Prime Minister.

“That was defence. You know what they would do, Doctor — threaten Earth again and again.”

“Not if I was here!” The Time Lord shook with anger.

“But you’re not. As I understand it, you’re only here because your people forced you to be. You might be UNIT's scientific advisor Doctor, but today you couldn’t save everyone. It happened today - Mr Llewellyn and the Major. They were murdered. They died right in front of me while you were sleeping. In which case - we have to defend ourselves.”

Defence…” the Doctor trailed off. “Then I gave them the wrong warning. I should've told them to run - as fast as they can, run and hide because the monsters are coming: the human race.” He twirled and began to walk off, Jo nervously going after him. “You politicians are all the same…”

“Doctor, my role is to stop this country go green, by any means needed. If I had set out to be liked by everyone, I would have to compromise on everything and would achieve nothing. These are the people I represent. What I did I did today I did for them.”

He turned. “Then I should have stopped you.”

“And what does that make you? Another alien threat?”

The Doctor walked up to her, his eyes narrowed. “…I could bring down your Government with a single word.

“I somehow doubt it.”

“Hm… perhaps not. Seven. Seven words, I think.”


“Seven words.”

“Stop it…”


He motioned across to Alex, who dumbly nodded and approached him as he leaned to his ear.

“I fight on, I fight to win.”

Then he walked off, leaving a raging Prime Minister to figure how what he had meant. “Doctor! What did you say? Brigadier! Come back and explain to me! Captain Yates! Doctor!”


In any case, the Brigadier was too late to go and see Doris for Christmas Dinner. He was very apologetic, but on hindsight he enjoyed the chance to spend a day with the real family of his — the men itself. The Doctor, an avid lover of Christmas apparently in this present incarnation, joined in the festivities well enough and was seen to pull a cracker with Jo Grant happily. Benton rushed to his side, a blue party hat over his own military uniform and pointed outside. “Look, sir, it’s snowing again! Properly this time!”

As the UNIT Soldiers came out, so did Jo and the Doctor. She grinned up at the stars and beamed. “Look, there are even falling stars.”

“The Doctor, back again in his traditional velvet costume, frowned slightly. “Not quite. It's ash… from the spaceship breaking up from the atmosphere.” At a worried look from Jo, he smiled. “Just another thing we’ll have to take care of.”

“Doctor…” the Brigadier began. “The toughest thing we have to do is hold to the Official Secrets Act. No denying the existence of aliens anymore, that spaceship was on a hundred TV Stations.”

“Well, that’s interesting.” The Time Lord grinned at the stars. “But you never know… these things half the time heal themselves. The twentieth century isn’t when everything changes, you know. That's the twenty first.”

“Wonderful,” Lethbridge muttered. “And what the devil was that thing you whispered to the Prime Minister?”

“Oh, I’m sure she'll understand in a few years.” The Doctor slyly grinned and stared up once more at the stars. Normally he’d find that unsettling since he couldn’t leave Earth, but for one glorious night… that didn’t matter.

“Now come on. I’ve another of these stirring UNIT Christmas carols to hear…”