Doctor Who Classicfied: The Christmas Invasion

by Derek Metaltron [Reviews - 1]

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  • Teen
  • Non-Con
  • Action/Adventure, Alternate Universe, Humor, Hurt/Comfort, Series

Author's Notes:
The Doctor and UNIT prepare to celebrate Christmas as Jo reaches the end of her first year and the Guinevere One Project approaches Mars. But a sinister evil intends to threaten Earth.

Across the furthest reaches of Time and Space, a hero known only as the Doctor travels within his TARDIS, determined to the last to protect the universe from some of its most evil forms. In particular, the Doctor has developed a fondness for the planet called Earth, saving it time and time again across multiple incarnations and personalities, be he alone or alongside his most loyal and trusted companions.

But would his greatest adventures have been different if he had been in another body? Would a different ally change things for the better… or worse? If the deeds of the Ninth and Tenth Doctors had been performed by an earlier incarnation, what would happen then? This is…


Staring Jon Pertwee as the Doctor, Katy Manning as Jo Grant and Nicholas Courtney as Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart

This story takes place between ‘The Dæmons’ and ‘Day of the Daleks’


UNIT headquarters were ablaze with activity upon Christmas Eve, in preparation for the holiday season. The kitchen Staff within the large country house was busy at work creating the annual Christmas dinner, a generous helping of turkey and stuffing which the Brigadier and his men were so fond of. Across the hallway in which Jo Grant was walking down, she saw that the men of UNIT had placed an impressive looking Christmas tree in the canteen, and tinsel was spread across the mess hall.

She glanced out the window at the snow falling and sighed wistfully. Under normal circumstances, she would of course relish winter weather and the opportunity to show off her latest winter coat, but this year the sight of snow only made her remember the bizarre conditions in climate that the Axons had created when arriving on Earth, and thus all the problems they had caused for Earth.

This in fact was her first Christmas under the roof of UNIT, and what a year that had been! Killer plastic daffodils, stone demons, nearly aged to death, brainwashed criminals and of course, meeting the cold stare of the Master far too many times for her liking. Last Christmas she’d been ready to start work with UNIT, little aware of what had been in store for her in the next twelve months. But in spite of everything, having the Doctor as a friend, not to mention the dashing Mike Yates around, seemed to make it worthwhile.

Still, she was a little dismayed when the Brigadier had told her that in preparation for the upcoming Guinevere One Project’s final descent on Mars, she and a number of UNIT staff would have to remain posted ‘as needed’. She’d used some cross words to Lethbridge Stewart but eventually had to concede defeat. She just thanked the stars that Mike Yates had agreed to take her Christmas shopping in town tonight; otherwise she would have died of boredom! Yes, she understood the project was important and exciting, even the Doctor had gotten over his usual depression of being tied to Earth — for his people, he had told her, had exiled him for interfering with time too much — had had become absorbed in the prospect of ‘watching your species make another pivotal movement in leaving the confines of your home planet’. She had suggested to him that surely it just made him sad that he couldn’t leave the ‘confines of Earth’ himself? He had just snorted and returned to the reports on the television which he kept in his lab, and Jo had found that amusing.


In any case, that was where Jo was off to now — the large lab in which amid piles of microfilms, pieces of alien technology that the Doctor had up for study, and a large amount of other such junk, that the familiar blue box stood. The TV was still on, the beaming faces of the Prime Minister and the scientist behind the Satellite project, Dr Llewellyn, still in debate with members of the press.

“Prime Minister, Sarah Jane Smith,” came a woman’s voice from off camera. “What would you say to those calling the Guinevere One Space Probe a waste of money?”

The PM seemed unfazed by the question and stated her views as Jo watched, impressed. “Now, that's where you're wrong. I completely disagree if you don't mind. The Guinevere One Space Probe represents this country's limitless ambition. British workmanship sailing up there among the stars. That, my friends, is something that we should all be proud of.”

It was Llewellyn’s turn to speak and he seemed equally assured in the Project success as its director. “This is the spirit of Christmas, birth and rejoicing, and the dawn of a new age, and that is what we're achieving fifteen million miles away.”

Jo Grant glanced about, wondering why, since the Doctor had been so absorbed in the broadcast before, that he wasn’t about. She glanced back at the screen again as an artist’s illustration of the Probe appeared on screen whilst the commentator continued. “The unmanned probe Guinevere One is about to make its final descent. Photographs of the Martian Landscape should be received by midnight tonight.”

Curiously, the doors to the TARDIS were open. “Do…Doctor?” Jo called out, but there appeared to be no response. A little unnerved, she entered the larger in-than-out confines of the TARDIS. The control room buzzed as ever, though she couldn’t quite shake off the feeling that there was a different pitch to usual… almost harsher, almost…

She screamed as she saw the slumped figure on the floor. And then recoiled when yellow mist spread from the Doctor’s lips.


A couple of hours had passed and the light across the forest had faded. Sergeant Benton and a couple of the lads in moments had been at the Doctor’s side once Jo had tearfully located them and explained the situation. Benton had to get his head round the TARDIS — he after all had never been inside until now — but duty soon took over and he had gotten the boys to place the Time Lord’s body in the medical wing. With the usual medical officer on leave with his friends in the Navy it was required that a specially attached alternative be on standby. Still, he was mystified as the rest of them as to the nature of the Doctor’s condition.

Jo did manage to explain some of the gaps. The Doctor had told her that he was planning to head into the TARDIS to undertake some repairs, something about the recent events at the Freedom Corporation and the Master suggesting that perhaps the Time Lords hadn’t quite whipped all his memory of the brief period in which he’d been able to pilot the TARDIS. Regardless of that, the Time Lord had asked her to fetch some basic equipment —she couldn’t even remember what now — and then she had found the Doctor like this… still spewing out on occasion the strange yellow substance.

The Brigadier was tried to be contacted but the response was that he was too busy with Major Blake at headquarters to be available. The reasons behind this soon became clear as Jo and Benton switched on the television within the Troop lounge.

“- is uncertain. Once again, if you’re just switching to us here on BBC 3, the main news again; Guinevere One has disappeared off tracking sensors as it made final decent upon the Martian surface. The reasons behind this loss of contact are unclear and as yet no report has been made. We at BBC 3 will of course-”

Mike Yates switched the television off, a worried expression upon his face. “Looks like the Brigadier won’t be any help then. Typical.” He sat on the nearby couch and looked at the blank box thoughtfully as Jo sat next to him. “Just the sort of thing the Doctor would be a real help for and he’s out cold. What happened in the TARDIS, Jo? What was he trying to do?”

The blonde haired woman sighed, her thoughts fixed on the Doctor all alone and in bad shape back in the medical wing. “I don’t know, really. He must have tried something with the TARDIS and well… it hurt him, badly. But it’s not in the TARDIS’ nature to harm the Doctor, of the little I know of it, it’s almost alive.” She turned to Mike with an apologetic expression displayed. “I’ve got to stay with him Mike; I don’t think we can-”

Mike nodded ruefully. Another date would have to be cancelled. But with the Brigadier busy… “Its alright, I’ll make sure he gets the best rest possible, and get the medical chap to find out what this mist is doing to the Doctor.”

“But suppose…?” Jo’s head was filled with all of the usual worst case scenarios “Suppose something tries to…?” She shrugged her shoulders. “Oh I don’t know, maybe I’m being paranoid like normal but… the fact that the Doctor is out cold with that strange stuff coming of him… at the same time that the Guinevere One Probe is missing…” She trailed off, a little irritated at Yates’ smug expression that convinced her he wasn’t. “Oh forget it then. I’m going to check on the Doctor.”


Private Morrison was bored. Christmas Eve and he was stuck in the middle of patrol duty at the gates to UNIT Headquarters. A stifled yawn escaped his throat as the darkness and silence flowed about him.

He checked his ears when he heard it first. The sound of music in the distance. Then footsteps. Four shadowy figures appeared from the gloom and Private Morrison readied his weapon.

Then he lowered it. Just carollers, it seemed. Odd place to want to sing though. Their Santa costumes seemed impressive, though Morrison couldn’t quite get the way they moved almost jarringly, like the limbs weren’t all they could be. Even the jolly Santa masks they wore seemed a little menacing in the dark.

“Hey, you there. This is private property. I understand it’s the holidays but please vacate to a more suitable-” Private Morrison never got to finish, for the music stopped and one of the Trumpeters raised his instrument in his direction, almost like a-

He never even had time to scream.

The four figures looked up at the metal gates and gatehouse which Morrison had been sheltering in, and then the mansion of UNIT UK Main Headquarters in the distance. One of the Santas produced what appeared to be a remote control from his pocket, and with the press of a switch the gates swung open and they marched on, past what had been Morrison before he’d been burnt to a crisp.


“Sergeant? You alright, Benton?”

The younger officer turned from the window to look over at Mike and Jo as they tended to the Doctor, still sweat ridden and on occasion breathing out the mysterious yellow fluid from his lips.

“Sorry, sir - just thought I saw some light by the entrance, it’s probably just Morrison. Er… any progress with the Doctor?”

The medical officer that was in the room shook his head. “Due to the rather… unusual nature of the patient, it is difficult to say exactly what is calling these conditions. His temple is significantly warm so I have placed a damp towel on his head and given him some pills. As to whether they’re having any effect, I can’t tell. And this mist is utterly alien to me… literally, it seems.”

Jo opened her mouth to ask further questions but the relatively silence was interrupted by the sounds of gunfire and screams. Quick on his feet Mike Yates leapt up and grabbed Benton, the pair of soldiers rushing to the main entrance from where the bullets seemed to be coming from.

They were amazed to find two men down, four sinister figures marching towards the front gates, huge flames and laser fire emitting from… trumpets?! And men in Santa costumes?

With some horror Yates concluded that these weren’t mere humans — as before it looked that UNIT was the centre of a bizarre alien incursion, but this had to be the strangest he could remember.

Benton gathered the surviving UNIT forces into the corner and peered at the advancing figures as he cursed. There were simply too few men on standby to deal with something like this! “Men! Concentrate your fire on that one!” He pointed at the left most Santa, slightly off from the rest of its party, and watched as the six men round him let loose a stream of bullets. Amazingly, the figure didn’t drop dead or even carry on moving as many immune to weapons aliens seemed to, but started sparking and ceased its movement. The three other Santas suddenly ran in all directions, too quickly for the soldiers to reload and fire again.

The prone Santa that was left and all at once burst into flames, toppling to the ground as the UNIT troops moved forwards. Cautiously Mike Yates moved to the face and was amazed to see a featureless shape with large black eyepieces. “It’s a robot of some kind!” He glanced about. “There are three more of them on UNIT grounds. We have to find them before he can reach the Doctor — they’re clearly after him.