Author's Notes:
The Doctor ponders this deadly contest he’s playing. (dw100 prompt 'game'). With many apologies for the puns.

“It’s all a game,” he muttered, face lined in concentration. “Which one?”

Chess was no use if his enemy was playing Snakes and Ladders. Tiddlywinks or Tag? Hangman or Operation? Ludo, Cluedo, Twister, Dominoes?

It was the risk he took in the game of life. He needed patience, a poker face in the scrabble for victory. It was no trivial pursuit and there were consequences. And while he wondered whether it was Monopoly, Wink Murder or charades, turned out it was always Cheat.

Ace glowered. “Can’t we blow them all up?”

He lost his frustration. “Why not?”

Bingo! he concluded.