1. That's the Life... [Reviews - 3] (101 words)
Mel tries hard to be bad, or at least a little less good.

For the dw100 prompt 'frustration'.

(And, no, I don't own Iceland and it should probably be St Catherine's, but that'd be an extra word. Sorry.)

2. Rainbow Drabble [Reviews - 4] (101 words)
Not written for dw100; instead a very old drabble which I thought would be better placed here. I was merely trying to prove there was nothing you can't cross with Doctor Who.


The Doctor, Sarah and Harry find themselves in a very strange place.

3. Green Custard Stains [Reviews - 3] (103 words)
Persiflages's prompt of a title for a story I hadn't written. For a meme.


Just another odd day at UNIT.

4. Conversation Overheard in a Gallifreyan Bar [Reviews - 5] (101 words)
Damon fails to win Nyssa and who else can he turn to for helpful advice in a situation like this?

(Mild spoilers for Arc of Infinity and The Invasion of Time.)

5. Negotiations [Reviews - 5] (206 words)
Another meme; this time JJPOR asked for a Leela post-Invasion of Time drabble. It turned into a double drabble.

Leela adjusts to life on Gallifrey and Gallifrey adjusts to Leela.

6. Into the Wardrobe [Reviews - 2] (203 words)
For ClocketPatch, from a meme on LJ, who asked for Sarah in the wardrobe. A double drabble.

7. What You See In Me [Reviews - 1] (101 words)
Thea Ransome, on her reflections.

For the dw100 prompt: 239 Mirror. (And, I know, I should never have watched Image of the Fendahl

8. A Place Where They Shoot At You [Reviews - 1] (101 words)
For dw100 prompt 250 Salient.

And the title and the One Historical Fact I could fit in 100 words came from Lynn Macdonald's They Called It Passchendaele (Maybe I'll make it a ficlet one day)

9. First Flight [Reviews - 1] (102 words)
For the dw100 prompt 'Genesis'.

Susan and the First Doctor.

10. Left Luggage [Reviews - 1] (103 words)
For dw100 prompt Behind.

Tegan, at Heathrow.

11. Namesake [Reviews - 1] (104 words)
For the dw100 prompt 'martyr'.

The First Doctor, Steven and Dodo - in trouble, as ever.

12. Comfort My Enemy [Reviews - 2] (101 words)
On the Doctor. (For dw100 prompt 'comfort').

13. A Foolish Family Secret [Reviews - 1] (155 words)
The First Doctor makes a chance discovery in Lebanon, c. 1500 BC.

14. Deja Vu (Or Something Like It) [Reviews - 1] (102 words)
(Written for dw100 prompt 'lace'.) Fourth Doctor, Leela.

The mid-Eighteenth Century, duels and highwaymen – and plenty of lace ruffles. (Crossover with Georgette Heyer’s These Old Shades.

15. The Girl Who Might Have Been [Reviews - 0] (105 words)
Seven, Ray and dw100 prompt "Something that never happened".

16. A Cosmic Contest [Reviews - 1] (102 words)
The Doctor ponders this deadly contest he’s playing. (dw100 prompt 'game'). With many apologies for the puns.

17. Golden Age [Reviews - 0] (103 words)
Charley reflects on her time with the Doctor. (dw100 prompt 'epoch'). (Mild spoilers for the first two Big Finish seasons).

18. Third Doctor Titles [Reviews - 0] (1100 words)
For the dw100 prompt 'Third Doctor titles'. This one caught my fancy. Some of these may contain dreadful puns. Plus, a bonus Fourth Doctor title.

19. Go Fish! [Reviews - 1] (105 words)
For dw100 prompt 'pocket'

Two, Polly & Ben are in a tight spot, but the Doctor's got just the thing. Somewhere...

20. Fashion Faux Pas [Reviews - 0] (134 words)
Four, Sarah Jane and Harry not quite dressing for the occasion. Crossover with Georgette Heyer’s Cotillion. Written for dw100 prompt 'dressed/undressed'.)

21. Routine Enquiries [Reviews - 0] (106 words)
Eight & Charley in trouble as ever. Written for dw100 prompt 'accidents'.

22. Get to the Point [Reviews - 1] (102 words)
Four and Leela and flattery. For the dw100 challenge 'flummery'.

23. Surprise, surprise [Reviews - 1] (102 words)
For the dw100 prompt 'deception'. Three, Liz, the Brigadier and an unwanted birthday party.

24. Regrets, I've Had A Few [Reviews - 1] (242 words)
From the Things I Would Never Write meme. For Persiflage, who seemed to think I would never even write Ten/Martha kissing. This isn't true.

25. Historical Romp [Reviews - 3] (201 words)
Another Story I Would Never Write. For ravenskyewalker, who said I would never write Seven/Ace. This is true, but if the reader wants to imagine more going on here, I suppose I can't stop them.

26. We're Having A Baby! [Reviews - 2] (428 words)
Johne suggested I would never write Brig/Liz baby!fic. This was true until I started, but the cracky possibilities are seriously tempting...

27. You Never Listen! [Reviews - 1] (552 words)
For Pitry, who said I would never write Shouty!Six fic, as if that was all there was to him. This is true, but when you come down to it, Six shouty!fic is a lot of fun.

28. Screwdriver [Reviews - 0] (102 words)
For a drabble meme prompt for Pitry: Tegan and Romana I

29. Job Satisfaction [Reviews - 1] (106 words)
For Primsong in an LJ Drabble meme. (Prompt: Benton). Benton reflects on his place in the world.

30. Outmanoeuvred [Reviews - 0] (109 words)
For Paranoidangel in an LJ drabble meme: prompt Harry and Sarah. So: MI5 officer Harry Pearce encounters reporter Sarah Jane Smith in the 1980s. (Crossover with Spooks).

31. Old Soldiers [Reviews - 1] (104 words)
For Johne, in an LJ drabble meme: Leela and Wilf.

32. One Tiny Hitch [Reviews - 1] (106 words)
For Maggadin, in an LJ drabble meme: Brig/Liz. (Unfortunately my muse was in a very silly mood...)

33. Laundry Mad [Reviews - 0] (104 words)
Written for dw100's 'crossover' prompt. Kryten only wants one thing from Three.

34. I Capture the TARDIS [Reviews - 0] (102 words)
Another for the 'crossover' prompt: Seven meets someone else who knows about unrequited love. (I Capture the Castle.)

35. Deceit, After A Fashion [Reviews - 1] (102 words)
Pursuit of aliens often leads to little white lies… and trying on of 1920s dresses. (DW/House of Eliott.)

36. Business As Usual [Reviews - 1] (103 words)
The Doctor discovers that Tegan is not the most alarming female on the planet, after all. (Cross with Press Gang).

37. No Millionaire Today [Reviews - 0] (102 words)
Anna’s still hoping for that eligible, incredibly rich bachelor to come along. Today is not that day. (Cross with Hotel Babylon).

38. It's A Bit Out There [Reviews - 0] (103 words)
The Doctor wonders why people in authority don’t believe him. (Cross with The X Files).

39. Amateur Sleuths [Reviews - 1] (105 words)
First Doctor, Vicki, and a famous detective. (Another for the 'crossover' prompt.)

40. Hitching A Ride [Reviews - 0] (105 words)
Ten, in search of a companion in the wrong place. Anothre crossover prompt drabble, this time with B7.

41. The Best Laid Plans [Reviews - 0] (101 words)
dw100 crossover prompt yet again. Let's face it, the Doctor and Jeeves solve problems in very different ways...

42. Exile [Reviews - 0] (102 words)
Turlough, in exile. (For dw100 prompt 'alien').

43. Finders Keepers [Reviews - 0] (103 words)
Six's crossover for the prompt. (Inkheart, no spoilers)

44. Just Add Seasoning [Reviews - 1] (105 words)
The Fifth Doctor's TARDIS team in trouble, as usual. (For dw100 prompt 'food'.)

45. Faster Than Fairies [Reviews - 0] (105 words)
Amy and Eleven, on a journey. For dw100 prompt 'steam'

46. Just A Quick One [Reviews - 0] (103 words)
For an LJ Rani Chandra challenge.

47. It's An Art [Reviews - 0] (103 words)
Eleven, Amy, and the Doctor's piloting skills. (For dw100 prompt 'crash')

48. Child's Play [Reviews - 0] (103 words)
Amelia Pond prepares for her future.

49. Eavesdropping [Reviews - 1] (339 words)
Gwendoline was always taught not to eavesdrop, but then she does many things now that she never used to.

(From the prompt: Ace/Girl of the Week + eavesdropping for Johne).

50. Huddled Together [Reviews - 0] (674 words)
Mild Brig/Liz/Three, written for Ravenskyewalker in fandom_stocking 2012.

51. Experiments [Reviews - 0] (559 words)
There's something odd happening in Liz's laboratory... (Silver/Liz, Dw/S&S crossover). For dw_straybunnies Prompt of the Month July 2012, from Persiflage's prompt.

52. Falling From a Cloud [Reviews - 1] (359 words)
Written for Maggadin in Fandom Stocking 2013, also from a 500 prompts request (Falling from a cloud - Ben/Polly).

53. The Gods Walk Among Us [Reviews - 1] (104 words)
Ian and Barbara, back home again.

Drabble. For Rutsky in Fandom Stocking 2013.

54. Dance of a Lifetime [Reviews - 0] (180 words)
She's trained all her life for this. (Mild Clara/Five).

Written for Azar in Fandom Stocking 2013, & from the random poetry prompt "and the last stroke of midnight dies".

55. The Man Who Cried Lion [Reviews - 0] (332 words)
Six & Evelyn.

Written for eve11 for Fandom Stocking 2013. (Came from a random poetry prompt: “rushed out onto the fire escape screaming Lion! Lion!” Which probably isn't excuse enough for this, but never mind.)

56. One Dreary Day [Reviews - 0] (286 words)
For taiyou_to_tsuki in the 500 Prompts Meme - Prompt 184: One dreary September day - Sixth Doctor.

57. After the Moment [Reviews - 0] (371 words)
Someone always has to clear up after the grand gestures – and that someone is rarely the Doctor. (The Moment/Silver. DW/Sapphire and Steel crossover.)