by Jill Watson [Reviews - 3]

  • All Ages
  • None
  • Drabble, Introspection, Romance, Standalone, Vignette

Author's Notes:
A quick little something that insisted on being written in the middle of the night.

The familiar and long-awaited sound of the TARDIS materializing wakes me from an unsound and much-disturbed sleep. Ancient nightmares flee in the face of The Oncoming Storm, and I've flung open the door of my cottage before the final resounding "thunk."

That impossible man, all brown coat and hair, steps out.

"Hello, sweetie," I call.

"Hello, love," he answers.

No whispers of intimacy; I know that comes later.

"Where have you been? What have you done?" I ask.

How long do I get to keep you this time? I don't ask.

He kisses me, and I can taste the stars.