by Janna Silver Hawkins [Reviews - 7]

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1. Pear Yoghurt [Reviews - 1] (1155 words)
My first multi-chapter Doctor Who fanfic!
I have no clue where the idea for this fic came from. Maybe from watching the deleted scene from Human Nature where the Doctor insists that he hates pears? :D Dedicated to my awesome friend Leaviel on deviantART

2. Blue Jacket [Reviews - 2] (1015 words)
Chapter Two: "The Doctor's Revenge On Rose For Dumping Pear Yoghurt On His Leather Jacket" Okay, just kidding. Thats a bit long. The third chapter might be a while since I've got Spring Break starting tomorrow and I'll have to fight off my little Slitheen siblings to get control of the computer with Internet at my house. And I guess I'll have to finish writing it too! :D

3. Makeup [Reviews - 1] (834 words)
Chapter 3: Revenge...with just a little hint of Nine/Rose.
Not sure when the next chapter will be up. Probably Monday since thats the day I go back to school. On my birthday. Yippee :/
Oh well hope you enjoy!!!

4. Buckets & Pillows [Reviews - 1] (862 words)
Chapter Four. Containing pillows and buckets...and maybe a bit of Nine/Rose? ;)

5. Confessions [Reviews - 2] (693 words)
Okay so I finally finished the story. Sorry about the long wait! Big thanks todanaems for sort of beta-ing when she and I were hanging out a long time ago. If she hadn't, Nine would have been really unlike himself. Please enjoy! :)