Bloody Writers

by reewees [Reviews - 8]

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  • General, Humor

Author's Notes:
Rose and the Doctor watch a bit of TV.

The Doctor and Rose are snuggled up together on the lounge, watching their favourite sci-fi show, “Professor Whom”, on the telly.

The show is about a man who travels through time and space, saving people and planets from certain doom, all by himself.

The similarities between this character and their own lives are lost on Rose and the Doctor!

They have been watching the show since it first started a few years ago, never missing an episode. The TARDIS makes sure of that, recording it for them if they are busy saving the world!

Tonight’s episode sees the Professor saving present day Earth, yet again, from being overtaken by a race of metal robot men called Cybertrons. However, the Professor is mortally wounded and the episode ends with the Professor’s face morphing into that of another man.

Rose jumps up and turns the TV off in disgust. "Bloody writers," she huffs. "I really loved that Professor and they go and do this to me!"