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Disclaimer: Doctor Who and its characters, trademarks, etc. are all the property of the BBC (and you´re doing a great job, guys :-). I have no claim to it whatsoever. I´ve just borrowed the characters for this story. Please, please don´t sue me.


Rose Tyler had discovered early on that `time´ in the TARDIS was an optional extra. She slept when she was tired and for as long as she needed to. Concepts of `day´ and `night´, `late´ and `early´ just didn´t apply. She could set a clock for any time she wanted and work from there. Things she had always taken for granted, like there being 24 hours in the day, were suddenly a matter of choice.

It took some getting used to. She wasn´t even sure exactly how long she had been traveling with the Doctor. According to her super-charged phone it was 11.37 pm on 3/6/05. Her mum would be on her way to bed, or partying the night away. Rose couldn´t help smiling at the thought. She had only just had breakfast. It was like living in a different timezone; one outside time itself.

Glancing around the TARDIS corridor, she took in the roundelled walls, the sweeping girders and the soft, organic lighting. It didn´t look like June. It didn´t feel like evening. The TARDIS was always the same; always constant, in her own unreliable way. Though she did like to muck around with the rooms. Rose patted one of the girders affectionately. This was her home, now. She had the key to prove it. She had never thought a place could feel so... right. A short time living here had given her the sense of belonging that nineteen years of living in her flat had failed to do.

Rose made her way to the console room, keen to check that the Doctor and Jack hadn´t left her and gone off on an adventure by themselves. Whether or not the Doctor slept was a mystery. She had never caught him at it, but knew that he did at least have a bed and a bedroom. Surely, someone would only have those things if they intended to use them? Sometimes, Rose suspected he was like the Energizer Bunny. Pop in a battery and watch him go. Totally manic.

She laughed at that and entered the console room, grinning. Jack, as always, had managed to beat her to it. It must be all that Time Agent training. Not that punctuality was something you had to worry about when you had a time machine. Unless, of course, your driver was an alien named the Doctor who overshot your destination by a year and traveled to Naples via Cardiff, Rose amended.

Whatever else you could say about it, time in the TARDIS was never dull.


I know, I know... I promised to write a ghost story. And I have :-). I just need to type it...