1. Apple [Reviews - 3] (100 words)
Fifth Doctor: Todd, the medic from Kinda. (She's just grateful to find a sane man on the planet).

2. Space Wheel [Reviews - 1] (101 words)
The Second Doctor: Dr Gemma Corwin from The Wheel in Space. (Everyone fancies her, except Leo and Jamie. It must have been a long time away from Earth, I suppose...)

3. Gold [Reviews - 3] (102 words)
The First Doctor: Cameca in the garden with the cocoa beans. (The Aztecs.)

4. He Thinks More of That Car... [Reviews - 2] (107 words)
The Third Doctor: Dr Elizabeth Shaw. (He really, really likes her, but maybe not as much as his two vehicles...)

5. Grace [Reviews - 0] (102 words)
The Eighth Doctor: Dr Grace Holloway. (She killed him, he kissed her, she tried to kill him again... I suppose it all makes sense.)

6. Belated [Reviews - 1] (103 words)
The Tenth Doctor: Dr Martha Jones. (She's so his type. He's such a hypocrite).

7. Fred [Reviews - 3] (101 words)
Fourth Doctor: Romana I. She's a Time Lady and she won't take nonsense from a renegade.

8. Cultivation [Reviews - 1] (102 words)
Sixth Doctor: Professor Lasky (All right, so maybe this one would never have worked.)

9. Post-It Notes [Reviews - 2] (101 words)
Seventh Doctor: Professor Bernice Summerfield. (She's just what he needed, but he never noticed).

NB: I realise that Benny joined, Ace left and then returned, but you try being pedantic about continuity details in a drabble.

10. Perfect / Imperfect [Reviews - 5] (203 words)
Fifth Doctor: Nyssa (In many ways, she's the embodiment of his ideal. Unfortunately, he's probably a deluded hypocrite, but that's Time Lords, for you).

So: a double drabble to illustrate the Doctor's hypocrisy. (Sorry, Doctor).

11. Two-Faced [Reviews - 3] (103 words)
Ninth Doctor: Harriet Jones (MP for Flydale North. He knows who she is. His next regeneration doesn’t seem to).

Sort of assuming that the NA idea of the Doctor’s personalities still existing somewhere in his subconscious still holds true… (At least, surely for a bit after regeneration).

12. Prototype [Reviews - 2] (102 words)
First Doctor: Barbara Wright (And, yes, Barbaras are for Ians, but He Likes Her Too).

I was going to say, the unknown ‘Mrs Who’ presumably set the type, but perhaps she was a cute, fluffy-haired screamer, because that would explain a lot. Especially about Susan. So maybe Barbara set the profile… ;-)

13. One Tiny Detail [Reviews - 5] (105 words)
Twelfth Doctor: River Song (erm… and Professor Bernice Summerfield). Assuming River was his wife, which seemed to be the intention.

Many apologies for this. It says a lot about my confusion on seeing Silence in the Library… (And, yes, I do watch Red Dwarf.) Or maybe I am evil, after all.

14. Stowaway [Reviews - 5] (103 words)
Second Doctor: Zoe Heriot (He always hated people who tampered with her mind)

15. Insanity [Reviews - 2] (103 words)
Eighth Doctor: Professor Bernice Summerfield. (Yes, that incident...)

I don't know what's with the Benny-thing. There must be a Benny-bunny biting hard or something. It's not a campaign. Just my sense of humour...

(For those who don't know, Eight and Benny got a chance to meet before Licensing drove them apart, in The Dying Days. Benny got a bit carried away at the end...)

16. Whodunnit [Reviews - 2] (105 words)
Tenth Doctor: Agatha Christie (He's been a fan all his lives).

17. Academic [Reviews - 2] (103 words)
Sixth Doctor: Dr Evelyn Smythe. (How did he ever manage without her?)

18. Dancing [Reviews - 2] (100 words)
I'm not entirely sure that Ray belongs to this 'type', but well, she's a mechanic - that's near enough.

Seventh Doctor: Ray (They both loved vehicles and knew what it was to love and lose in other ways)

19. Little Tin God [Reviews - 1] (100 words)
Fourth Doctor: Professor Emilia Rumford (It's a true meeting of minds, but there's just one problem...)

(I knew I'd forgotten someone obvious.)

20. Runaway [Reviews - 2] (102 words)
Eighth Doctor: Mary Shelley (This elopement of sorts has got to be better than the last)

(I'm unsure whether this is actually spoilery for A Company of Friends or not. I think not. Unless you buy Big Finish Audios in brown paper envelopes or something. And I wasn't expecting to write this, either.)