Author's Notes:
Thanks to docs pupil for most of this chapter.

Follow on from The End, but you don't have to read that

“Where am I? How did I get here? How long has it been?”

An unrelenting hush settles around the chorus of the past Doctors' voices inside a currently regenerating Time Lord mind.

“Why am I-?”

The realization of what transpired a time ago is occurring.

“That’s right, I died,” the past voices chime in unison. “And this space, it’s familiar.”

“Remember the Time Lord induced regeneration cycle,” the Second and Third Doctor’s voices inquire simultaneously.

A blindingly bright spotlight encompasses the two male entities: the Second to the left, and the Third to the right.

“Yes, I remember that,” the Fourth, Fifth, and Thirteenth Doctors answer, with a thick streak of malice coloring their voices. “Then you must include the many times my enemies have invaded my mind.”

Another spotlight spears the darkness to reveal them sitting cross-legged, arms folded across their chests.

“Of course I remember that! It hurt,” the other eleven Doctors’ voices yell from behind Two and Three.

“Uh oh, something’s not right here,” Ten and Eleven’s voices advises the others.

“You’re right, my lad," say One and Three in unison.

"Wait, there are fourteen of us here," Four, Seven and Twelve point out simultaneously.

"I know you twelve are real, because I've been you, so you must be fake," says Thirteen as he points an accusing finger at Fourteen. ”But somehow, I know that I will become you."

"I am you. There is no time to explain, though, as you will be me as of ten seconds from now. And there's no point anyway, since you won't remember any of this. 6...Nice meeting you chaps...3....2.....1...Bye."