Author's Notes:
Writing for a Doctor we know nothing about yet poses certain difficulties. I have chosen to sidestep those difficulties in a highly irresponsible manner.

"Well, Unspecified Companion, where shall we go today?" the Eleventh Doctor said, in that way he has of saying things.

"Surprise me!" Unspecified Companion replied, wearing a costume of some kind, with an expression on her or possibly his face. "Just don't make that mistake with the Tardis controls that you always make, and/or do that quirky thing you do that always gets us into some sort of trouble!"

"Never fear, my dear or my boy! I never do that thing I always do! Oh no, I went ahead and did it! Hold on tight, we're about to have a rather rough landing!" The Tardis shook violently from side to side, before materializing finally on a planet, maybe.

Unspecified Companion muttered to her/himself, "Oh how will I ever deal with the fact that I may or may not be in love with the Doctor, and the fact that he may either not know I exist, or is mooning over me for entire seasons? How?"

"If you're quite done with that," Doctor 11 said in a testy or compassionate or goofy tone, "Let's step outside to see if it's safe instead of checking with the scanner first." He pulled out of his pocket a characteristic item that further establishes his regeneration's personality, such as candy or an amusing tool or an alienesque pocket watch or an obnoxious talking alien pet lizard or something, maybe, and ate, used, looked at, or made an amusing remark about this item.

"Oh you and your personality characteristics, Doctor!" Unspecified Whatever said cheerfully or angrily. "These characteristics are utterly endearing or infuriating! I want to stay with you forever and/or leave the Tardis immediately!"

"We have such incredible chemistry with each other, Unspecified, unless we don't!" the Doctor said. "Now let's step out onto this new world or 19th century Earth or isolated outpost, and see how many of those totally extinct Daleks will be assembled and ready to invade everybody everywhere, this time!"

"I'm either very scared, or in a playful mood, or all angsty, if we're going to have the companion be the angsty one for a change!" U.C. spoke or sang, or gestured with semaphore flags, if that turns out to be his and/or her thing.

They stepped out into a place of some kind. "Now don't go running off. Off you go now!" the Doctor said, pushing her/him hard on the back to get him/her started on his/her obligatory way, to create some sort of plot complication.

After UC left, a number of scary looking people or machines pointed a couple dozen weapons at the Doctor and blamed him for all the deaths that had been taking place recently, even though he was the only one in the room without a gun.

(Stay tuned for part two, in which more things may or may not happen!!!!!)