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By Marisha

“Rose!” he whispered urgently. Where the heck was she again? He peeked around the corner. The coast was clear. Now would be a good moment to escape, if … Where was she? He sneaked back into the room when a shriek echoed down the hall.

“Rose!” Without thinking he jumped forward, his sonic screwdriver drawn, and came face to face with three armed Zeptorians.

“Ah, yes…” he lowered his screwdriver slowly, scanning the corridor frantically for any sign of Rose. The Zeptorians stood motionless, their DNA disrupter raised.

“Well, hello…” the Doctor spoke to what he hoped were their heads. With their wavy tentacles it was hard to tell. They could be standing upside down, for all he knew. He had never encountered them before, and never wanted to meet them again. For the calming, soothing appearance — they did look kind of fluffy - a mean beast was hidden underneath. Absorbing anything that came into their way. They had taken this planet over, nearly assimilating all unsuspecting life forms. The Etherians had been a kind species, welcoming interaction with other races. An easy prey. Just thinking about it made his anger rise. “If you’ve hurt Rose…” He stepped forward to peer behind them. “So we are on a stroll, are we?”

The larger Zeptorian gurgled in response; obviously the TARDIS didn’t consider their sounds a language or it would have translate them. He made a mental note to look into that later. The Doctor grinned determinedly. “Ah, yes, just what I thought. Never mind me…”

Rays of DNA absorber flashed over his head, burning the tips of his hair. He jumped to the right to get to cover. “OUCH!” He complained annoyed. “I like my hair like that.” He brushed gently over it to assess the damage.

Another scream resonated through the hallway.

“Rose!” He leapt, his screwdriver flashing at the overhead lamp. With a soft swish it sailed down, taking the Zeptorians with it. A satisfied grin flashed over the Doctor’s face as he smoothed his hair. “A job well done,” he complimented himself.

“Doctor!” He swooshed around as a disheveled looking Rose rushed around the corner.

“Ah, there you are,” he grinned sheepishly. “I was about to come for–“

“I can see that,” her eyebrow arched up sternly.

“I was right behind you — honestly,” he shrugged his shoulders. “Well, here you are, anyway. Care for a quick run?” He stretched out his hand.

Rose strict face resolved into a smile. “Any time.”

He grinned too. “Well, RUN!”

The end