Veritas in Fabula (The Truth in the Story)

by Adalia Zandra [Reviews - 9]

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  • Action/Adventure, Alternate Universe, Angst, Hurt/Comfort

1. Part One - Sightseeing and Interfering [Reviews - 2] (6432 words)
Written for nightrider101 as part of the OT3 Ficathon 2009. I totally did a happy dance when I found who I was writing for… just ask dark_aegis! And I was already doing a happy dance over the prompt. Not only was it something I thought I could write well (Hello, whump!), but it was giving me all sorts of interesting ideas about what sort of plot to embed the required scenes into. The prompt: Ten is seriously injured doing something heroic. Rose and Jack must finish what he started before reuniting for some healing and cuddling. No character death.

Cave Latinum! (KAH-way LAH-tee-noom! Beware the Latin!) I’m bad at making up alien words for names and things, so I decided to use the most alien language I already know: Latin. :-D

For those who are interested, here’s a short key with the (admittedly contrived) translations to the words you’ll see in the story. The (attempt at phonetic) pronunciations are for Classical Latin, so don’t yell at me if you happen to know Church Latin and think I’m wrong. You can say the names however you like. :-P

Veritas – WARE-ee-t(ah)s – truth, reality, sincerity, honesty
Fabula –FAH-boo-luh – story
Nidus – NIGH-doose (rhymes with sigh-goose) – bird’s nest
Grex – Grex – flock
Ales – AH-lace – winged, swift, quick
Castus – K(AH)SS-toose – pure, innocent, pious, religious
Sacerdos – SAH-kare-d(oh)s – priest
Mons Vitae – Moans WE-tie – mountain of life
Spero – SPARE-oh – I hope
Mater – MAH-tare – mother
Avia – AH-we-uh – solitude

Disclaimer/Apology: I don’t own these characters, I’m just borrowing them. For better or worse, I happen to be American. So please excuse my English.

2. Part Two - Go Tell It On The Mountain [Reviews - 2] (4048 words)

3. Part Three - Searching for Hope [Reviews - 5] (8852 words)