Weevil Hunting

by HanuuEshe [Reviews - 4]

  • Teen
  • Swearing
  • Action/Adventure, Humor, Slash, Standalone


PC Andy was scared out of his mind.

He was running; the perpetually damp streets of Cardiff slipping underneath his feet as he did his ample best to outrun the...thing chasing him.

He’d heard the rumors. Everyone had heard the rumors. But they were supposed to be rumors! Not-

He stopped short at the sight of a frighteningly familiar SUV. The small part of his mind that wasn’t filled with abject terror registered a stab of annoyance. Bloody Torchwood.

Of course they had something to do with this.

“Hey!” he yelled, banging on the SUV. “Open up! Let me in!”

The passenger side window rolled down, and Andy found himself face to face with a flushed, mussed, and somewhat unclothed Captain Jack Harkness.

“Is there a problem officer?” he drawled, teeth glinting in the light from the lamppost.

For a very brief moment, Andy forgot all about the creature chasing him and wished with all his might to disappear into the concrete.

And then suddenly, the Captain reached out and pushed Andy away with surprising force; he toppled to the ground a few feet away with a yelp. There was a bang and the monster fell down on the ground, writhing but still alive. Andy looked up, and was surprised to note that it wasn’t the Captain who’d fired, but — well, he wasn’t too sure of his name, but it was the man who was always wearing suits.

He wasn’t wearing a suit now. He really just wasn’t wearing…

“Right then,” he said, brightly, too brightly. “I’ll just-” Sod off, his brain supplied unhelpfully. “Be going, then, shall I?”

“Might as well,” the Captain replied mournfully, glaring down at the still wriggling creature. “The mood’s sort of ruined now.”

Andy nodded, grinned brightly, and fled. All things considered, he felt as though he might have been better off taking his chances with the monster.