Not Cricket

by Doctor Tam [Reviews - 5]

  • All Ages
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  • Humor

Author's Notes:
Yes, I know they changed the name. Cellular One Field just..doesn't do it for me, you know?
The El is the Elevated Train--coolest thing ever.

Three innings in and the man in the row behind them was already drunk, as evidenced by the dexterity with which he spilled his beer in Five’s lap.

“Hey now!” the blond complained. “That’s just not cricket!”

“Seeing as this is a baseball game,” said Three sarcastically, “that is the whole point.”

“This is pointless,” grumped Nine. “I’m leaving."

“Can I have your popcorn?” asked Six, leaning across Eight, who had fallen asleep.

“I’ll give you something even better,” promised Ten, complete with an eyebrow wiggle.

“If it’s that stupid pink beanie you found on the El, I already said I DON’T WANT IT!”

“Ace of Spades?” questioned Seven.

“Go fish,” One suggested, bored.

“Isn’t it a bit counterintuitive to play Go Fish with only ten cards?” asked Romana.

“Of course not,” said Four. “Crackerjack?”

Two was halfway through his fourth rendition of “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” when the guy next to him grabbed his recorder and chucked it off the balcony. “You see if I save your stupid planet next time it’s overrun with aliens,” Two grumbled bad-temperedly.