Donna Noble

by manyshadesoflove [Reviews - 7]

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Donna Noble.

How can I describe Donna Noble?

Superficially: on a bad day, she is plain. But on a good day, she is radiant. Although she is older than some of my most recently past companions, the years have looked after her well. Ginger hair, which she’s very defensive about, frames her face, and highlights her beautiful green eyes. Her body curves in an hourglass figure, giving her a certain maternal feeling.

Despite any slights on her outwards appearance, on the inside, she is brilliant. She may only be a temp, she may not be extraordinarily clever academically, but that’s not what matters in the real world. It’s her wit, her common sense, her intuition that makes her the most brilliant person ever.

If there’s something not quite right, Donna will notice. She has a sort of sixth sense, a little radar that lets her know when things are wrong. She’s helped me so many times, picking up details I’d drifted over. I don’t know how she does it. The human, noticing details the brilliant Time Lord has overlooked. But that’s why I love her.

And her humanity is what makes her Donna. She’s so willing to love, no matter where she is or what species they are. The gob, the rudeness; it’s all just an act. And she has this…aura. You trust her. It’s a sort of basic instinct. She’s a motherly figure, even though she has no children. I don’t think she’s ever wanted them either. In the same way that she’s never really lusted after marriage.

If I have to thank Donna for one thing only, it would be for reminding me where to draw the line. Centuries of travelling, often alone, hardens even the kindest of people to the plights of civilisations. But Donna, all fresh and new to the world of exploration, is like my conscience. Reminding me when to stop. When to help.

Donna means a lot to me because without her, reality would have ended. She was so important; for a moment, the most important person in existence. Everything had been leading to that moment, drawing us together, winding the threads tighter and tighter. And then she emerged, shining and brilliant with the power of a Time Lord. And where he was a vengeful god, she was a beacon of hope. Good vs Evil. Him and Her. Because they’re related more than they realise. They have a link, a bond that can’t be broken. And that may just be the way to save her.

Save her from the world I put her in.

A world where she doesn’t remember.