Author's Notes:
No, I don't really know where this came from. Why do you ask?

There were places, deep within the TARDIS, that he had never entered, places that didn’t resemble the white-walled consul room or the cluttered, mortar-and-brick workshop or the vast wardrobe. They were places where the walls were beginning to break down and the vines were taking over. Places where entropy and plants ruled.

This was the first time he’d gone this far and he kept walking because he didn’t want the familiar roundel-covered walls or the hum of the controls, he didn’t want to remember where he was and whom. He entered these mysterious green halls to forget himself.

The air was thick and smelled of loam and rain.

He could hear something in the distance–at first he thought it was thunder, but as he neared it, he recognized the sound, the torturous groaning of a planet being dragged into the vortex of non-existence. The screeching of metal and gears. The shriek of the TARDIS breaking free of its locked position and wheeling away to somewhere- anywhere-else. A thousand death cries coalesced into the last gasp of one woman as she breathed her last.

Thunder rumbled for real this time and the Doctor walked on, pulling up his lapels as if he expected it to rain.
The hall was growing warmer and humidity dripped off the leaves that poked between the bricks of the wall and ceiling. There was grass growing in the cracks on the floor, offset by the occasional fern. From broken-open bits in the walls came voices, calling to him, talking to him. They were voices he recognized.

Grace questioned his sanity once again. Ace snapped that she wasn’t sure if she could trust him anymore. Peri screamed as he attacked her. Tegan cried that she couldn’t handle the death and destruction that seemed to plague his every step. The spaceship carrying Adric crashed into Earth’s surface.

It began to rain.

He tried to drown out the voices, but they wouldn’t be ignored, growing louder and louder. Strange glowing eyes blinked at him from kinks in the walls. Thunder crackled and boomed as Romana snapped that the two of them were murders. Something howled in the distance while Sarah Jane accused him of being unhuman. Bombs rumbled with the lightening as the Brigadier killed the Silurians again.

He was coming to an end; he could feel it. The plant cover was so dense that what little light that could reach him was tinted green and he saw a python curled lazily on a branch as he walked under.

Jamie swore to never forget him.

Victoria said goodbye.

And Susan, ever so quietly, whimpered that she didn’t want to go.

He came to a room where the light no longer reached the ground and jungle surrounded him. And here, at the heart of the TARDIS, he sank onto the dank, wet earth and lost himself.