The Bad Wolf

by kateydidnt [Reviews - 11]

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1. Prologue--1913 [Reviews - 5] (351 words)

2. Chapter 1--Pete's World [Reviews - 3] (1159 words)
Btw, in reference to the Bad Wolf, I may use the vortex, the time vortex, the TARDIS and the heart of the TARDIS all interchangeably.

3. Chapter 2: The TARDIS and her Doctor [Reviews - 3] (1256 words)
This chapter is text heavy with no dialog I've tried to break it up into smaller paragraphs so it isn't too dense though. AU on Gallifreyan culture--no looms. Possible AU (I've never been quite clear on this point) Susan is the Doctor's biological granddaughter and is fully Gallifreyan.