Your Extra Time and Your Kiss

by laurab1 [Reviews - 2]

  • Teen
  • None
  • Character Study, Romance, Slash

It takes his captain three years to kiss him.

In the aftermath of betrayal and being very dead, Jack embraces everyone. Still, Owen’s rather surprised to find that after being taken back, a kiss of forgiveness, placed on the top of his head somehow isn’t quite enough.

He wonders when exactly he fell in love with Jack Harkness.

If Jack isn’t going to come to him, then he’ll just have to go to Jack.


“Took you long enough,” Jack chuckles, in a break for air, when he returns, and Owen has him pressed up against a wall of the autopsy bay. “I thought the pheromones would have worked, by now.”

“Pheromones? That all it is? Just sex chemicals?” he asks, watching Jack take a very deep breath.

“No, Owen,” he says, fingers softly stroking the back of Owen’s neck, eyes bright. “Never.”

Letting Jack lead the kiss, Owen suspects his captain fell in love with them at first sight. He also suspects Jack’s been doing that kind of thing, with many other people, for an incredibly long time.

First sight often goes the other way, as well. Maybe that’s what happened.

He’d just needed someone to believe in him, somewhere he could belong, make a difference.

Jack gave him all of that, so Owen fell in love with his captain.