by Faile Neume [Reviews - 5]

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  • Angst, Drama, Slash

His hands around their throats. Their pleas for mercy. The blood on his hands. Their cold corpses that enticed him so terribly...

Ianto woke with a gasp, he shot straight up and sat inbed breathing heavily. Next to him Jack stirred and opened an eye.

"You right Yan?" Jack drawled sleepily.

Ianto closed his eyes tightly, only to have the images flash across his eyelids. So much death. Taking a deep breath he reassured Jack it was just a bad dream, "It's alright jack, I should get up now anyway, I have things I need to do.

Jack looked sceptical, "do you always get up this early?"

"Yes actually I do, you stay here though Sleeping Beauty, I'll wake you again when we have to leave."

Jack mumbled a reply and let himself slip back into sleep.

Ianto got out of bed hurriedly and ran himself a hot shower. He let the water pour over his skin until the water ran cold, an indulgence he usually denied himself. However the water did little to alleviate the tension.

After getting dressed he set about completing various tasks he needed to do, hoping to lose himself in the daily routine. Unfortunately although his hands were busy he found his mind wandering back to the dark alley from his dreams.

  • Jack woke late to find Ianto pale and sweating, crouched on the kitchen floor.

    "Ianto what is it? What's wrong Yan?" Jack tried to keep calm, but his voice had an edge of worry.

    "I... there was so much blood... what did I do?" Ianto's voice was soft and shook with a quiet panic.

    Ianto shifted to stand and Jack reached down to help him up, however as soon as he was stood up he made his way to the kitchen sink and began furiously washing his hands.

    "Yan, what the hell? Are you sick?" Jack spoke quicker now, fear creeping into his voice.

    Ianto continued to mutter about blood and kept washing his shaking hands. His whole body shook and tears dripped down his cheeks. Jack grabbed him roughly and pulled him away from the sink.

    "Snap out of it Yan!" Jack regained some composure.

    Ianto looked at Jack dully, his eyes were slightly glazed and his expression dropped completely.

    "I killed them Jack," Ianto's eyes widened and he gripped Jack roughly, "I followed them into the night and I took their lives."

    Jack looked blankly at Ianto, trying to comprehend what he could possibly be talking about, "Yan..." he started softly.

    "No Jack, I killed them and I..." he paused and leant in close to Jack's ear, "I loved it."

    A shudder ran down Jack's spine. He shook it away.

    "Look Ianto, you're not well okay, so I'm going to get you in a nice warm shower and then you're going to go back to bed until you feel better."

    Ianto had loosened his grip on Jack by then, emotionally drained, and he allowed himself to be led to the shower. Jack sat Ianto down on the edge of the bath while he got the shower running and went to call... someone.

    "Gwen, Tosh, Owen? Anyone there?" Jack hissed into the phone, hoping Ianto wouldn't hear him.

    "Jack? Is that you? It's me Gwen, is something wrong?" Gwen's voice sounded like an angels to Jack.

    "There is something seriously up with Ianto, he's... hallucinating or something, I need you to get Owen to come to Ianto's appartment to check him out."

    "Of course Jack, I'll make sure he's there quickly."

    Jack didn't wait to reply, he snapped the phone shut and went to finish getting Ianto into a shower. When he entered the bathroom he shouted in frustration and punched a wall. His phone call had taken to long and Ianto had snuck out.

  • Jack made it to the Hub in half the time it usually took him, the rest of the team were already waiting.

    "Jack," Gwen stepped up to him, "Owen and I are coming with you to look for Ianto, Tosh is going to stay here and scan for any abnormal rift activity to see if it can help us, failing that she's going to try hacking into Ianto's phone, hopefully he has it with him still."

    Jack blinked dumbly at Gwen.

    "Yes I know Jack, little old me, taking charge. Let's not waste time though." With a wave to Tosh, Gwen made to leave, "coming?"

    Jack and Owen followed after her.

    "So, any clues where to start? Jack, what can you tell us?" Gwen pressed Jack for information as they left the hub.

    "I'm not sure, he woke up gasping but he said it was just a dream, then I found him looking physically ill, crouched on the floor muttering about something about blood on his hands. Then I grabbed him and he stared straight at me and told me he had killed 'them', don't ask me who, he said he followed them into the dark and then killed them." Jack shook his head sadly, "I shouldn't have left him alone, I have no idea where he could be."

    Gwen reached out and held Jack's hand, "it wasn't your fault, you couldn't have known."

    "I doubt he would go very far," Owen put in, "from what you've described it sounds like it could be an anxiety attack, some sort of mental breakdown due to stress. It's possible that his mind has altered a situation and put himself as an alien or whatever that we've faced. If that is true he may be dangerous, but no matter what he thinkgs he's still got strong emotional attachments here so hopefully he won't leave."

    "It's probably best if we split up, Owen and Gwen you take the car and head back to Ianto's appartment and look around there, I'll stay in this area to look." Jack clicked back into "Captain" mode and Gwen and Owen were relieved, "Tosh, if you have time I want you to check all possible CCTV around Ianto's place, hopefully we can get an idea of his location."

  • "Jack, it's Tosh here, I may have found something, well somethings," Tosh's voice flickered over the Com.

    "What Tosh?" Jack demanded.

    "Well firstly I caught Ianto on a CCTV near the wharf, he was pacing back and forth and then ran off to the North, and the other thing, I'm not sure yet, but I did a search of the archive footage in the Hub and there's lots missing, I'm attempting to find it now, it might help explain what's wrong with Ianto."

    "Thank you Tosh, I'm heading there now," Jack sighed and flicked the Com to Owen and Gwen, "Tosh has a lead on Ianto, start heading back to the Hub and contact me when you are near."

    "Good luck Jack," Gwen's voice was soft.

    Jack ran towards the wharf and frantically looked around for Ianto, "if he thinks murdered them, he may be returning to the scene of the crimes, it mustn't have been somewhere crowded, he knows where all the CCTV in Cardiff is, so..." Jack mumbled to himself, trying to figure it out. Reaching a decision he headed to the backstreets near the wharf.

  • Jack found Ianto wandering vacantly in an alley, muttering to himself. He walked towards him slowly.

    "Yan?" Jack spoke softly, hoping not to startle him.

    "Oh Jack, what have I done? I don't know what I've done. You have... you have to take me back to the Hub, lock me up, so everyone else is safe," Ianto was still visible shaking, and his voice cracked with tears.

    "I'm going to take you back to the Hub, but I'm not locking you up, you've done nothing wrong Ianto, you're just confused, Owen says its stress," Jack edged towards him, trying to keep his voice calm and steady, "maybe you just need a good nap and a holiday. We'll get this all sorted out and then you can have a lovely holiday and you can get better."

    "I killed them Jack, right here, I followed her and I strangled her... he... helped me dump the bodies. I'm not safe Jack, lock me up!" Ianto yelled the last sentence at Jack, shoving him away as he did.

    Ianto pushed Jack again but Jack was prepared and he grabbed Ianto close to him. Ianto struggled against him, crying and yelling but Jack held on until he settled down.

    Gwen and Owen arrived in the car two minutes later.

  • "I'm not one hundred percent sure what happened to cause all this but I did find something very interesting," Tosh began explaining once the rest of the team were back in the Hub, "once I realised the footage was missing, I went digging in the system to see what and I never found the footage but I did find this."

    Tosh pressed a button on her computer and an image of Jack came on screen.

    "If you've found this file, it means that someone has been searching for some missing camera footage in relation to the events of 10th to the 15th of February 2008. I deleted this footage because if it was found it would make no sense and wouldn't answer any questions. In these missing days Torchwood was infiltrated by an alien life form identifying himself as Adam, he implanted us with false memories in order to intergrate with the team. I retconned everyone, including myself, in order to stop Adam, however as I could not be sure how strong the memories were implanted, I feared one of us may relapse. This is why I created this file, if any of you have memories that don't make sense, it may be because of these events. Ianto was implanted the strongest, and Yan, you didn't do it. Captain Jack Harkness. Out."

    The team looked at Jack questioningly.

    "Don't look at me, I was retconned too."

    "I... I didn't do it..?" Ianto's voice shook.

    "I already knew that, but now we know why you think you did," Jack grinned at Ianto and pulled him into a hug, the rest of the team took that as their que to leave.

    "I can't live with this Jack, take these memories away please," Ianto muttered softly into Jack's chest.

    Jack took a tiny pill bottle out of his pocket and tipped out one pill, he opened Ianto's hand and gently placed the pill in his hand, before closing his hand over Ianto's.

    "Go home, take this and go to bed, I'll be there when you wake up," Jack told him what to do and Ianto smiled, just before he walked away he turned to Jack and kissed him.

    "Thank you for having faith in me."