Author's Notes:
A very difficult title to inspire to in short...but here is my attempt!!!

Rose was in the bathroom getting ready for bed. The Doctor paced, feeling very nervous.

How had he got here? One moment, he's saving the universes from certain death and the next? He's standing in a hotel bedroom waiting for Rose Tyler to come out of the shower.

He sat down on the bed, but it didn't feel right so he stood up again. He stuffed his hands into his blue suit pockets and hummed a soulful song, trying to drown out the sound of the water whilst trying not to think about on what it was running.

Then he heard the door click open and he spun round to find Rose all pink and clean, wrapped in a hotel bathrobe. His eyes travelled up her body, ending up on her face.

"Doctor, you haven't even taken your shoes off!" she exclaimed as he flushed a deep shade of magenta.