Bloody Wonderful

by Danse Macabre [Reviews - 13]

  • All Ages
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  • Fluff, Series

“And we’ll see the London Eye,” Ianto announced excitedly, trotting after Tish. “And the London Dungeon and the Tower and…” Ianto paused. At six years old he was doing very well reading the guide book, but he paused as Owen started to laugh. Tish frowned, Ianto pouted.

“Say that again,” Owen said to Ianto.

“NO!” Ianto pressed the open guide book to his chest, and glared.

“What’s going on?” Jack asked from the door of his office, feeling a storm brewing.

“Just say it again, Ianto?”

“We’ll see the London Eye and the London Dungeon and the Tower…”

Owen went off into peals of laughter again. Ianto clutched the guide book and Jack went to him, picking him up, frowning at Owen.

“You’d better have a good point,” Jack warned.

“I get you now,” John said, looking up from cleaning a particle gun.

“Good isn’t it.”

“What is?” Tish asked.

“Listen,” Owen said and ran the playback of Ianto’s voice. John, Gwen, Tish and Owen grinned as they heard it. Jack and Ianto didn’t get a thing.

“So what?” Jack snapped.

“Jack, can’t you hear it?” Tish asked.

“No,” Jack snapped. Ianto whimpered and tucked his head down on Jack’s shoulder.

“Welsh with American. Jack, he’s got your accent.”

Jack frowned and walked away with Ianto, while the rest giggled. There was a sound of conversation in the other room, ending with Jack yelling in delight. Ianto yelped as he was thrown into the air and then caught again.

“I love that!” Jack shouted coming to the door. “That’s just bloody, amazingly, wonderful!”