How to Make a Paradox

by mystica88 [Reviews - 4]

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Author's Notes:
Sorry that I have left this one for so long. I've decided to go ahead and add without having a beta look it over (just like my other stories) so, as usual, I apologize for mistakes.

Chapter 2

Kenshin watched as the Doctor paced back and forth in front of the control console. He had been thinking for a long time and Kenshin was tired of waiting for answers. After the Doctor made his dramatic statement about how everything he knew had disappeared, the Doctor refused to say anything more other than he had to think.

The pacing was getting very annoying and the more that Kenshin was left to thinking, the more impatient he became. Not only had he just seen his best friend disappear, but also now he was coming to realize that everyone that he held dear was gone.

“Doctor!” Kenshin finally broke the silence. “Please, say that you can fix this. That they are not gone forever.”

The Doctor stopped and looked at Kenshin as if he had just made a completely off the wall comment. “Of course they’re not gone forever. At least, I don’t plan to leave it that way. My friends have disappeared too remember. Also, I simply can’t leave time in the shape that it is now. The stresses on the continuum could cause a causal implosion if left too long resulting in a complete rupture in all realities.”

Kenshin stared at him, wide eyed, “Oro?” he muttered.

“Put simple, everything will end. There will be nothing.”

“And what needs to be done to stop that from happening?”

The Doctor turned with a flourish and went to the controls again. “I was able to track on the TARDIS computer where the paradox originated from. It is in the future, relative to your time, in America, somewhere in the state of Colorado. The date seems to be somewhere in the early 2000’s by all appearances. But I’m going to have to set the TARDIS to track it down. The problem is, with time being as misshapen as it is, the Vortex will be extremely unstable and difficult to navigate specifically.”

“Alright, this does not make sense, but you are saying that something in the future caused all this? How?”

“Time isn’t a fix substance. It can bend and twist on itself. Something that happens later can influence what came before. But I think in this case, someone in the future did something to the past. And I have a suspicion as to who did it and what type of technology they were messing around with. The energy signature is rather apparent.”

“You know who we have to find then?”

“If I’m right, which I usually am, yes. But it’s going to be a very bumpy ride to get there. You better hang on to something again.”

Kenshin did as he was told and was very glad that he had a moment later…


When the rocking and tumultuous swaying of the TARDIS finally came to a stop, the Doctor went into the medical bay first to check on Phaze.

She was still unconscious but her breathing and color were returning to normal. “At least I still have one of them,” he said sighed as he watched her sleep.

Kenshin watched this moment of tenderness and wondered what had become of Kaurou. He couldn’t believe that, as of right then, she probably didn’t even exist.

“Doctor?” Kenshin broke the moment. “You said that this one would have vanished as well if we hadn’t been inside your ship. What is to stop that from happening now?”

The Doctor shook his head. “You should be fine now. I would love to explain why to you, but I think that it would only confuse you more. But we need to get moving to reverse this before the stress on time becomes too much.” He turned abruptly and headed out to the control room again with Kenshin close behind.

“What about Miss Phaze? Are you just going to leave her here?”

“It’s all that we can do. We have to do something now and she’s going to be out for some time yet. She took in a huge amount of the toxin and I’m frankly surprised that she pulled through at all. She must have landed right in the center of a pod of jelly fish.”

“Yes, this one remembers feeling their stings. She had sunk quite far down, that she did. She must have been knocked out from the initial fall.”

The Doctor nodded but tried to push the thought aside for now. “Let’s just hope she stays asleep until we return. She could get a little nervous being on the ship by herself I would think.”

He opened the doors and led Kenshin back outside. Kenshin knew that the Doctor had said that they had just travel through time and space, but hearing it and seeing the evidence were two different things. As he stepped outside of the TARDIS, it was like stepping into a whole other world.

They had left from the cliffs of Japan, overlooking the sea and now he was in a dull gray hallway that was made of a type of smooth stone that he’d seen, but not in this abundance before. There were electric lights dotting the hallway and in the middle there was one that was flashing red. A horrible blaring noise seemed to pulse with the light.

“It seems our arrival had been detected,” the Doctor said.

There was a sound of loud clanging foot steps approaching them, much like that of someone in full metal armor. “I don’t like the sound of that…” the Doctor said as he strode across the hallway and peered around a corner. A sudden blast of red light flew past the Doctor and slammed into the opposite wall. Kenshin stared at the spot for a moment, noticing the blacken scorch marks that were now a part of the wall.

“No, no, no, not good at all,” the Doctor said, turning to head the other way down the hall.

“Doctor, what is going on?” Kenshin said as he followed. He had drawn his sword and was on the defense now.

The Doctor glanced down at his sword. At first it looked like the Doctor wasn’t going to approve of the weapon, but then he stopped and held out his hand. “May I see that?”

Kenshin handed it to him. He held it as he made a quick examination of the blade and handed it back. He continued to talk as he moved rapidly onward. “A reverse blade sword. I’ve never seen one before. Where did you get it?”

“It was made for me,” Kenshin replied quietly.

“And why would someone want a sword that is not capable of killing?” the Doctor asked as he slid along the wall before peering around another corner. This time he was not met with any balls of fire.

“This one has vowed never to kill again but use the sword to protect.”

The Doctor pulled something from his pocket as he walked briskly down the corridor. They came up to a box in the wall where the Doctor stopped. “A noble sentiment. And one I am sure that is difficult to live by in the time and place that you are from.”

“It is. But this one fears of ever reverting back to the monster that I was during the war.”

“Ah,” the Doctor said as he opened the box. Kenshin saw a mass of wires inside. The Doctor brought the object he had pulled from his pocket and began prodding the wires with it. It made a high-pitched whine as he worked while casting a blue light inside. “Kenshin, may I ask your full name?”

“Kenshin Himoura,” he replied.

“I thought as much,” the Doctor said. “Known as Batotsi the manslayer during the revolution, am I correct?”

Kenshin sighed, “It seems that I cannot escape from my past with a man from the future.”

“Well I’m something of a Japanese culture buff myself. A fascinating history your people have that has left influence throughout your world’s time.”

“And what does this new information mean to you, Doctor?” Kenshin asked.

“Nothing. I just like to know a bit about whom I am working with. But what you did in your past means nothing to me. What you do in the present is all that matters. Stick to your vow, Kenshin, and you won’t escape your past, but you will shape your own future.”

Kenshin nodded in response.

Finally, the Doctor stopped whatever he was doing just as all of the lights and sound suddenly shut off. The hall went pitch black for a moment before it went to a dim blue lighting.

“That should keep them from being able to track us,” the Doctor said as he was moving again.

“Doctor, where are we?” Kenshin asked as they quickly passed through the hall.

“We’re deep underground inside the Cheyenne Mountain Complex. Also known to the right people of the time as the SGC, or Stargate Command.”

None of this meant anything to Kenshin.

“But what impresses me,” the Doctor continued. “Is that this place even still exists. With the paradox that whipped through Japan in the 1800’s, it’s amazing that the Stargate program was even founded.”

Just then there was more sounds of heavy footfalls ahead of them while the other ones rang behind.

“Hmm, maybe taking the time to knock the power out wasn’t a good idea,” the Doctor said as he backed against the wall. Just then the lights came back on. “Oh dear,” the Doctor frowned.

Kenshin stepped forward and brought his sword up. “I think that in this case, we may want to surrender,” The Doctor told him. “You are not familiar with their form of weapons. They can kill you without being anywhere near you.”

“I have seen the fire that they can shoot. Though it is larger and more powerful than the bullets from the western guns, it is not much different. You may want to stay low though.”

The Doctor was about to argue with Kenshin’s decision but just then a man in metal armor rounded the corner to their left. Kenshin stood ready to defend himself. Two more came to stand behind the man, both carried long staves that they lowered and aimed at the two travelers. All three of them had a symbol painted on their forehead with the first one having his in gold.

“You will lower your weapon and come with me,” the first man said.

As he spoke, three more guards came around the other corner, blocking their only exits. “You should listen to them Kenshin,” the Doctor said as he put his hands up.

Kenshin looked at the men that had them surrounded, rather confused. “Doctor,” he said. “Did you not say that we are in America?”

“We are. Though they look it, they are not Japanese. They’re from another world. They’re called Jaffa.”

“I will only ask you once more,” the obvious leader said, “Lower your weapon and come with us.”

“Judging from your heritage and your symbol, you serve Lord Yu, correct?” the Doctor said when he saw that Kenshin was not going to back down.

“Yes, and you have broken into his stronghold, for this you will be taken to the holding cells until we can determine what is to be done with you and your friends.”

“Friends?” the Doctor asked.

But Kenshin spoke up again. “This one has noticed that you carry a sword where those you command carry more dishonorable weapons. If you wish to take us, then perhaps you would care to show why you deserve to have us under your control.”

The man eyed him for a moment. “I cannot promise you freedom should you live,” he said.

The Doctor realized that he was about to take the bait. He just hoped that Kenshin was as good as legend said. “Then maybe just a promise to bring us before Lord Yu rather than to the cells. We must speak with him.”

The man hesitated for only a moment more before he nodded. The men behind him and the ones across all raised their staffs as their commander stepped forward. “I am Oshu, first prime of the god Yu. And I accept your challenge.”

He bowed to Kenshin, and Kenshin returned the bow. “Kenshin,” the Doctor said. “Be careful. As First Prime, he would be the most skilled among Yu’s entire Jaffa. He is also much stronger and faster than anyone you have encountered before.”

“Thank you Doctor,” Kenshin said as he slid his sword in his sheaf, hand hovering inches above the hilt.

“That is a stance that I have not seen before. What style is it that you use?” the other asked.

“The Hiten Mitsurugi style.”

“I have heard of it, but it is one that died out on this planet a few centuries ago. If I defeat you, I would spare your life to hear how you have come to know it.”

“And this one would tell you even if you are to be defeated,” Kenshin said.

The First Prime smiled and drew his sword.

The Doctor moved along the wall, trying to make sure that he was well out of the way of the swords. He knew that legend said that Kenshin was fast, bordering on god like speed, but he believed that it was like any legend that developed on Earth. It all seemed to start from a grain of truth but exaggeration and hyperbole would blow things up much bigger than truth. That was how Tall Tales began.

But the Doctor was taken back when he saw how, in this case, the tales were not all that tall. As the Jaffa advanced on Kenshin, the man drew his sword faster than the Doctor was even able to see. He had made several passes at Oshu in a blink of an eye.

The Doctor was very impressed. But he also saw that, despite the speed, he didn’t seem to have made any contact with Oshu. They both turned and faced each other again.

“You are fast,” Oshu said. “I have not fought someone with your skill in a very long time.”

Kenshin nodded to him and said, “And it is rare to find someone with your skill. You are an excellent swordsman.”

“Coming from another of great skill, I thank you for your praise.”

And then they were at it again. Steal flew and clanged in the hallway for some time. Neither seemed to be able to hit their opponent. The Doctor was beginning to worry since he knew that the Jaffa would have higher stamina than Kenshin. No matter how good he was, he was still only human. If he didn’t break this stalemate soon, he didn’t have much chance of winning this one.

After a series of complicated maneuvers, both combatants backed off and faced one another again, both were breathing heavily. After a moment of eyeing him, Kenshin sheaved his sword again. He shifted his stance ever so slightly and brought his hand to hover over his sword hilt.

“You are far greater than this one anticipated,” Kenshin said.

“Are you forfeiting?” the First Prime asked.

“No, but if this attack fails, than you are truly much greater than anyone this one has ever known.”

Oshu nodded and brought up his blade again. After sizing Kenshin up one more time, he made his move. The Doctor watched as the Jaffa got closer and closer to Kenshin, but still the man didn’t draw his sword.

Finally, moments before Oshu reached him, Kenshin cried, “Ama Kakeru Ryu no Hirameki!” Simultaneously, he drew his sword faster than the Doctor had ever imagined possible for human reflexes. He stepped forward just as Oshu’s attack was coming down and struck with all of the force that the awesome speed of the thrust had to offer.

Oshu was knocked back, never having made contact with Kenshin.

The guards stood still for a moment as they processed what they had just seen. A human had just defeated their First Prime.

“You have killed Yu’s First Prime,” one of them said as he stepped forward to grab Kenshin.

“Hold on!” the Doctor yelled as he stepped between the guards and Kenshin with his hands up. “Kenshin has killed no one. He wields a reverse blade sword. So while your First Prime has been defeated and will undoubtedly be knocked out for a time, he is not dead.”

The Jaffa all exchanged glances before one of them went to check on Oshu. But as he reached his commander, Oshu moved and made a slight groan. The Jaffa who went to check on him offered his hand to him.

Oshu wrapped his other arm around his chest as he took the hand from his Jaffa and climbed shakily to his feet.

Kenshin bowed to Oshu and said, “The Doctor was right. You have much greater strength than any human. Never has this one seen anyone recover as you have from the Hiten Mitsurugi style final attack that quickly before.”

“And I have never seen anyone move with your speed before. I shall take you to see my master now.”

Kenshin bowed to him again and he managed a half bow in return.

“Good work,” the Doctor whispered to Kenshin as they were escorted through the halls.

“Are all of these Jaffa that skilled?” Kenshin asked.

“Most are very well trained in martial arts, but I’m sure that none are as proficient as Oshu. To become a First Prime, they must prove themselves in battles and contests as well as catch the eye of their god. In other words, you’ve just defeated the best of the best in Lord Yu’s army.”

“Who exactly is Lord Yu?” Kenshin asked.

“He is another alien. Well, at least the creature inside of him is. The race is called the Goa’uld and they are parasitic. They live within a host body and control them. Most have used advanced technologies to convince those of less developed world that they are gods. Over the centuries, many of them have come to believe that they are gods.”

“But they are really a race that prays upon others?” Kenshin said.

“That’s right.”

“Why are they here?”

“That’s what the problem is. Earth is never supposed to be invaded. True, there are many close calls, but they always manage to pull out on top. Whatever it was that altered history left Earth vulnerable for attack.”

“I see, I think.”

“What we have to do is determine what, exactly, happened in the past to bring Earth to this point.”

“And how do we do that?”

The Doctor smiled as he said, “You’re favorite weapon may be the sword, but I have a way with words…”


A short time later, Kenshin and the Doctor found themselves being hustled down a few more levels to a detention area.

“Your way with words did not seem to work this time,” Kenshin grumbled.

“I don’t know what went wrong. Yu is supposed to be the easiest to work with. Though still ruthless and having a god complex, he has always been known for advancing races and bringing peace, at least among his own people. I can’t understand why he wouldn’t listen to me.”

As they neared the cells, they could hear two other voices inside, arguing rather loudly. The Doctor immediately recognized one of the voices and his heart sank.

“Oh no,” he muttered.

“I can’t believe that you could be so stupid to mess around with technology that you have no understanding of!” a female voice was saying.

“No understanding?” a male voice replied. “I am the leading expert on Ancient technology! I have saved this planet more times than can be counted because of my understanding of that technology!”

“And now you’ve gone and completely destroyed time with your great knowledge of that technology.”

As they were brought to stand in front of the bars, the Doctor sighed and shook his head. “Phaze, how did you get down here? I really had hoped that you could have stayed in the TARDIS.”

The girl turned and faced them. Her jaw dropped as she was completely taken over with shock.

“Thank you,” the man said as the guards opened the doors and shoved the Doctor and Kenshin inside. “I thought she would never shut up.”

Phaze just continued to stare at the Doctor. “Phaze, what’s wrong?” he asked. He then noticed a few subtle differences in her. Her hair was quite longer than when he had left her. Her face seemed more drawn and there were even a few wrinkles around her eyes. She was wearing different cloths and she even seemed to carry herself a little different. She was more ridged and had more muscle tone.

“Phaze, what’s going on?” he asked her.

“It’s you,” she breathed. “I can’t believe it… I finally found you.”

“Miss Phaze,” Kenshin said. “We only just left you in the TARDIS a short time ago.”

Phaze looked at Kenshin and then back at the Doctor. “Oh no,” she said. “No, no, no no…” she repeated as she began to pace the room. “I can’t believe it! I finally find you again, but at the wrong time!”

“Excuse me,” the other man said as he raised his hand. “Someone want to explain what’s going on?”

“I wish I could,” the Doctor said. “What do you mean, found me? Wrong time?”

“I probably shouldn’t tell you this, but, in your future, you’re going to get separated from me. I have spent years trying to find you again. But now that I have, it turns out that you haven’t even lost me yet!” she turned around and slammed her hand against one of the bars.

“So you know them?” the man asked.

“But if you’re here, and you’re a future version…” the Doctor said.

“Then we’re facing a possible paradox within this paradox. If we meet…”

“Oh god!” the man said as he stood up from the bench he had been sitting on. “Something like that could tear apart this time line which is already incredibly unstable.”

The Doctor turned to him and asked, “Who are you?”

The man straitened and looked at him. “I’m Dr. Rodney McKay,” he said, offering his hand.

“I should have known,” the Doctor said as he rolled his eyes. He took McKay’s hand quickly saying, “the Doctor, and this is Kenshin.” Turning to Phaze he said, “It was him, wasn’t it?”

“Hey, it’s not like I meant for any of this to happen. It should have been very easy to reverse the situation… if it hadn’t suddenly run out of power,” he muttered as he turned and plopped down again.

“What is he talking about?” the Doctor asked Phaze.

“I think I should start at the beginning of what I know,” she said.