Author's Notes:
You saved me more than I could tell. Not thatI'm desperate, but you know just where to cut me and you did. Right through the bone...Geoff Smith

He couldn't believe how receptive she was being. It felt almost like...Yes it did. It felt almost like she was saving him again. How many times had she done that since they had met?

He would have to be careful not to be too familiar with her. It might scare her. She must get to know him, get used to him first. This could be difficult. He felt as if he was even more drawn to her. Couldn't actually take his eyes off her.

The idea of her not coming had hurt so much...he couldn't breath properly thinking about it. He held her warm little hand tightly. This contact was enough for now. Forever, if need be.

She could feel the coolness of his hand and how well it fitted. He looked so good, she could feel herself falling all over again.

But he had said, hadn't he?

Oh, God! The way he was looking at her, surely he must know? But it couldn't be like it was before...could it?

No. She wouldn't let it. She would have to act on her feelings. If the last one was shy, then so was this one.

He was even tolerating her mother. Okay, if this was going to happen she was going to have to make it.They all walked slowly back inside.

"Do you have to leave tonight?" whined Jackie.

"Yes, we've got a friend to rescue, haven't we?" said Rose looking pointedly at the Doctor. He shifted uncomfortably.

"If he's still there. Knowing Jack he'll have moved on."

"Yeah, very resourceful is Jack," muttered Mickey.

Rose realised that she hadn't let go of the Doctor's hand yet. He didn't seem to mind. Actually he was holding on to it rather tightly.

Then it was time to go. The Doctor was beginning to feel restless wanting to get back to his world of time and space. Rose reluctantly pulled her hand from his and went to her room to grab a few things.

She pulled open her drawers and searched for the things she never thought she'd need on board the TARDIS. The not so comfortable but very sexy underwear that she had collected or been gifted over the years.

She sat down heavily on the bed feeling ashamed and guilty. Then she found new resolve and stuffed her bag with them and a few other items she had missed before. She glanced around her room and nodded. She was truly leaving home this time.

Jackie was a bit tearful and kissed them both, the whiff of sherry on her breath. Rose couldn't help a snigger as she saw the Doctor wiping his face with his sleeve.

"Take care of her, Boss." Mickey shook his hand and nodded. That was enough recognition from him. The Doctor felt for him.

"We'll be back for a visit soon! I'll bring presents and you can get me anytime on my mobile!" said Rose giving him a hug.

"Don't come out, Mum, it's got cold now, I'll phone later, yeah?"

"Alright, darling. You remember your promise, Doctor?"

"Yes,'ll never let me forget!"

When they got down to the lower floors of the Powell Estate Rose shivered. He took her hand possesively again.

"Even if it's not real snow, it certainly feels like it!" she said.

"It has got colder." The TARDIS stood a short walk away beckoning them.

"A quick jog'll warm you up." He looked at her with a smile.

"What are you saying?" she answered with a grin.