Author's Notes:
Rose, you`re fantastic, ya know. If it can`t last, you will always be the one who knows, you`ll always be my Rose. Fantastic Rose...Geoff Smith.

"He thought you were fantastic. The way you knew things, your instinct. You`re clever. He thought of you as an equal. You were his Rose. Just...fantastic. Loyal." He took a breath.

"You would face things head on. Never shirking or being afraid. So many times he was scared for you. Everytime you came up trumps. You could even make the most mundane thing exciting. Like shopping for milk! He told you he didn`t do domestic...he did...with you." A tear slid down her cheek.

"He wanted you to share his life forever. He didn`t remember a time when he was happier. You were everything. When he kissed you it was a confirmation for him. He knew what he was doing and it was worth it to save your life. He couldn`t have lived with your death." He was breathing heavily.

"Is that all?" she asked almost cheekily.

"He adored the way you smelt. The way you smile, with your tongue touching your teeth." She smiled sadly.

"He wanted forever?"


"Well, what does that mean when he`s not here? Is that how you feel? Sorry...don`t answer that...not fair I know. But it`s so hard to take in. I was so smitten...but I just felt like he saw me as a silly child who needed to be taught."


"No...but sometimes, yes. There were glimmers. He wasn`t exactly forthcoming."


"You`re a bit different."

"Like I said, I`ve got a gob on me." She smiled again.

"You`re the same man inside?"

"Essentially...I mean the personality is entirely different. But I have all the knowledge and the memories." She wanted to ask him but she found she couldn`t. She felt a little shy.

"It was good though..." she said.

"The best. Fantastic!" he replied. She winced at the word. He made a mental note to drop it a bit.

"I wish it could`ve lasted."

"Me too..."