by Lady Yueh [Reviews - 13]

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  • Character Study, Crossover, Humor

Author's Notes:
Doctor Who spoilers for Silence in the Library! There's a line in there that just begged to be fleshed out.




“What?” Daniel looked up irritably from his notes.

“Do you know that guy?” Cameron questioned as he pointed at a man across the coffeehouse.

Daniel frowned. “No. Why?”

Cameron shook his head and stared at his companion in disbelief. “He’s pointing at you. And laughing.”

“Never met the guy,” Daniel shrugged.

“And this doesn’t bother you?” Cameron inquired with incredulity.

Daniel shrugged. Again.

“Seriously, Jackson. The man is busting a gut, almost falling out of his chair as he points and guffaws and you’re not the least bit curious?” Cameron’s tone revealed that he clearly thought Daniel to be mentally deficient in some way.

Daniel sighed and stood.

“What are you doing?” Cameron called.

“Dealing with the situation. Maybe it’ll satisfy your curiosity and you'll let me work.”

Cameron stood quickly and followed after him.

“Excuse me,” Daniel greeted the laughing man and his painfully embarrassed partner, a young blonde.

“Sorry,” she apologized, revealing a British accent. “He’s off his meds.”

“Oi! I am not!” The man denied hotly as he caught his breaths between snickers.

“I’m Daniel Jackson. This is Cameron Mitchell. He was wondering why your companion was pointing and expressing amusement. He really won’t stop bothering me about it and I have work to do.”

“Rose Tyler,” she introduced herself with a warm smile. “I’m really sorry about the bother. He’s not usually like this--actually, that’s a total lie--he is, but it’s not usually this bad.”

Cameron shook his head. How the hell did Jackson always charm ‘em without even trying?

The man had finally stopped laughing.

He stood and grabbed Daniel’s hand, pumping it in an enthusiastic greeting. “I’m The Doctor. Sorry about that. I’m a time traveler, I point and laugh at archaeologists. Granted you’re a bit less wrong than most and I can respect a man with your linguistics skills but it’s a compulsion. Can’t help it. Anyway, must be off. Things to do, people to save.”

The Doctor grabbed his companion’s hand and they rushed out the door cackling like hyenas.

Daniel started back to his table.

“Jackson! Did he just say--”

“That he’s a time traveler who gets his kicks by laughing at archaeologists? Yes.”

“Yes?! That’s all you can say? Shouldn’t we be doing something about this?”

Daniel frowned at one of the glyphs on his notes. “Why?”

“Why?” Cameron spluttered on the word.

Daniel shrugged. “Well, either he’s delusional and we shouldn’t care or he’s telling the truth. If he’s telling the truth then he’s off time traveling and we can’t do anything about it, can we?”

“He laughed at you.”

“Yes. A time traveler, a man who could visit any day in eternity took an afternoon off to come and laugh at me.”


“Plus, he said I was less wrong.”

“You are a weird and twisted man.”