by ElfgirlJen [Reviews - 3]

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Author's Notes:
It's crack fic and I was very bored when I wrote this.

Let’s pretend that the Master didn’t die in LOTTL, the Doctor cured the drums and they now travel the universe together.

“What do you mean, you don’t any left?” the Master demanded in a menacing voice, glaring at the alien behind the counter. The line of aliens behind the Master let out a collective moan, sensing an argument was about to start.

“We don’t have any left,” the alien repeated in a bored voice as its tentacle started to drum on the counter.

“Would you mind checking again?” the Doctor asked, giving the alien his most charming smile, the one that melted the hearts of any species and made the Master go weak at the knees. Not that the Master would ever admit that. Sadly, the alien was immune.

“If it’s not in the system, then it means we don’t have any left,” the alien snapped as another tentacle started drumming on the counter. He glared at the humanoid aliens in front of the counter. “Why are you primitive apes so obsessed with banana favored lube anyways?