Out of Order

by mystica88 [Reviews - 4]

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Chapter 2
Anji paced the control room back and forth. The Doctor and Phaze told her to stay in the TARDIS. But when was the last time that she did as she was told? She longed to rush out and see if everything was all right and if all of her friends were still in one piece. But of course the reason for her staying put still existed. She continued to pace, trying to make up her mind; stay, or go?

She stopped in her pacing and stared a long while at the red handle on the console that would allow her to exit. She tried to will herself to look away, to walk away and simply wait for their return. But her hand reached out as if it had a mind of its own and grabbed a hold of the lever, thrusting it down and opening the doors. Taking a breath, she plunged through the door.


Another wave of dizziness passed over the Doctor as he tried to comprehend what Phaze had just told him. “He’s what?” he said dazedly.

“Doctor, he’s you,” she replied. “I have no idea how, but this man is definitely a past version of you. And if he’s dying…”

“You’re sure he’s a past version?” the Doctor said as yet another wave washed over him.


The Doctor was just starting to put everything together when the man looked up at the Doctor and grabbed a hold of his arm and spoke as clearly as he could. “Temporal grace… TARDIS… hurry.”

“What does he mean?” Phaze asked.

“I’m not sure, but I think that I must get myself back to the TARDIS quickly,” the Doctor said as he began to stand and found that his vision was beginning to swim before him. He wobbled a second with his first few steps.

“Doctor?” Phaze said worriedly.

Taking a breath to steady himself he responded, “I have to bring the TARDIS to you. He’s in no condition to move and if he’s who you think he is then we better make sure that he lives.”

Phaze nodded and said, “hurry, I think I understand why you need to get to the TARDIS, but he’s not going to last much longer.” She looked back down at the man who she now realized was the Doctor, just a past life. He was becoming extremely pale and was finding it increasingly difficult to breath.

The Doctor, deciding that strength conservation was key right, now, didn’t reply as he turned and hurried back the way he had come.


“Hold on, Doctor. You’re going to be alright,” Phaze said to her charge as she applied a little more pressure to his wound.

He tried to gasp, but found the effort of breathing too difficult. Phaze realized that the bullet had to have punctured his lung. It wouldn’t be much longer before his chest cavity was too filled with air to allow him to breath at all. But she didn’t know what to do about it.

“Doctor,” she said to him. He tried to focus on her through the fog that he was slipping into. “You’re lung is punctured and you won’t be able to breath soon, do you know what I can do?”

He took a second to process her words and then nodded slightly and tried to speak, but was unable to gather enough air to form the words.

“You don’t have to tell me,” Phaze said. “With your permission, I can see your thoughts. I promise to only look at that information.”

He raised an eyebrow shortly as if in a question but seemed to change his mind and nodded again to her.

She concentrated for a second before focusing on his face again saying, “But you’ll bleed to death.”

He shook his head and she realized that it was worth the risk since he wasn’t going to last much longer with out a deeper breath.

Slowly, she removed her pressure from his wound and pulled her Doctor’s cravat away, exposing the bullet hole. As this Doctor tried to take another breath, the blood that was quickly pooling around the sight bubbled with the release of air that had been trapped in his chest. Phaze watched worriedly as more blood pulsed out but it also appeared that enough of the choking air was escaping as well to allow the Doctor to breath a little easier.

After a few moments, he signaled for her to cover his wound again. She glanced down at the cravat in her hand and realized that it was completely saturated and was not going to do very much good. Glancing around, the best thing she could find was the tail of the Doctor’s own jacket that lay spread out at his side.

Taking a hold of it, she balled the end up and wrapped it around his body, pressing it tightly over the bullet hole once again. She watched him blanch in pain again, but noticed that he was trying to regulate his breathing now. He was breathing shallowly but not because he was unable to breath deeply. He seemed to know that the shallower his breath, the slower his chest would be filled with air again, giving the other Doctor more time to reach him.

But there was little that could be done about his rapid blood loss, Phaze thought. Blood was pooling around his body and her knees where she knelt beside him. She wasn’t sure how much blood a Time Lord could go without, but she knew by his coloring that it couldn’t be much more.

“Hurry Doctor,” she whispered into the air.


He was hurrying as much as he could, but the dizziness and pain were slowing him down. He hoped that once he reached the TARDIS it would be easier. That seemed to be what the other had been trying to tell him and some part of his scrambled memory seemed to think this was true.

There was no time to contemplate how it was that his past self looked so very different from him. Fitz had mentioned once something that Sam had told him about regeneration, but he and Fitz weren’t too sure that they really believed it. But now it seemed that Sam might have been right. If this man really was his past self, and his current state seemed to support that this was true, then there must have been something that significantly altered his appearance at some point.

As he was about to stumble around the corner to the alley where they had left the TARDIS, he heard another female scream. This time he recognized the voice. He scowled slightly to himself wondering why his companions could never stay where they were told as he quickly came around the corner.

Sure enough, there was Anji, being held by one burly man while three more advanced at her like animals.

Taking a breath to try and gain some equilibrium, the Doctor reached down and picked up a large pipe that lay discarded by a dumpster. The men had not yet spotted him and so he had a bit of an advantage.

Somehow, in the midst of her alarm and fear, Anji was able to see him coming. Right as the Doctor swung his pipe at the nearest man to him, Anji stomped down with her heel on the man who held her. He loosened his grip enough for her to duck out of his hold and roll away from him. The man the Doctor had struck sank to the ground unconscious, but he wasn’t fast enough to bring his two buddies down.

Before being able to pull the pipe back again for another swing, the next man grabbed it from him and wrenched it from his hands. The other kicked his legs out from under him, sending him sprawling on his back.

Still having difficulty focusing from the quickly approaching paradox of his past dying, the Doctor almost was unable to roll out of the way of his pipe that was now swinging in an arc for his head. As it was, it glanced off his ear before colliding with the pavement.

The man who had knocked him to the ground was now aiming a vicious kick at his side when suddenly he wheeled around as a shoe connected with his head. Anji had been avoiding the man who had held her when she noticed that the Doctor was not fairing so well with his assailants. Her pulling attention from the one man gave the Doctor just enough time to regain his footing before the first one was at him again. Catching the pipe in his hands as it again tried to find his head, the Doctor braced his back against the dumpster and struggled to hold the metal in place. He kicked at the pipe wielder and was able to knock him away.

In a mad dash, he ran at the second man who was now after Anji again and, catching him off guard, knocked him to the ground. The man who had held her was now only inches away. He suddenly pulled his attention from his victim and towards the Doctor, aiming a breath emptying punch in his ribs. Stumbling back, he was caught by Anji and prevent from falling over again. The man advanced, but Anji’s second shoe once again provided an adequate diversion. Taking a hold of Anji’s hand, the Doctor made a dash for the nearby TARDIS. He was relieved to see that the door was still slightly ajar and they wouldn’t have to pause to unlock it once reached.

By now his disorientation was becoming quite bad as he stumbled forward. Just before the threshold he lost his footing and fell to the ground. Anji nearly fell with him as he still gripped her hand, but she kept her feet and grabbed a hold of his shoulders, trying to haul him up from the ground.

The Doctor was able to do so himself with her assistance. As soon as he was standing, he thrust her through the door first. He glanced back to their pursuers just before entering himself, but the glance was a second too long. The man with the pipe was only a few feet away when he threw it, knocking the Doctor in the head and sending him sprawling half in the TARDIS. Realizing what just happened, Anji grabbed a hold of his arms and yanked him inside all the way and quickly spun around, throwing the red lever down and closing the door in their attacker’s faces.

She took a moment to breath before turning around to her friend. He was not quite out of it yet, but she knew he was heading that way. “Doctor!” she said as she knelt beside him.

He was blinking and trying to clear his throbbing head. He reached up his hand to Anji for assistance up. “No,” she told him. Lie still right now,”

But he shook his head and tried to get up on his own. “Have to move the TARDIS,” he muttered. Anji didn’t know why he needed to do that right now. She knew that the men would be unable to break in, but she was sure that if he was fighting this hard to stay conscious, there was a good reason for wanting to move the TARDIS.

Now she helped him to stand and supported him as he stumbled to the controls. His hands shook as they danced over the buttons and levers. She was more than a little worried that he would make a mistake with the already temperamental TARDIS and they would wind up a long ways away from where he meant and from their other friends. At this thought, Anji realized that she had no idea where Fitz and Phaze were. It may very well be one of them that the Doctor had to move the TARDIS for.

She listened as the TARDIS dematerialized. As soon as the TARDIS stopped it’s grinding, the Doctor began to slip to the floor once again. She tried to catch him, but he was too much for her. He crumpled to the floor and the only thing she could do was prop him up against the console. With his last remaining consciousness, the Doctor waved at the door and said, “Help Phaze.”

Fear gripped Anji’s insides as she realized that the Doctor might have just confirmed her suspicions. Jumping up, she opened the doors and rushed outside. She saw that Phaze was kneeling beside a man. At first, Anji feared that it may be Fitz, but then she saw that it definitely was not. This was not someone that she recognized at all, but she saw that there was a lot of blood and that this must have been the one that had been shot.

“Anji!” Phaze called. “Help me quick! We need to get him to the medical bay.”

Anji nodded and ran over to Phaze. “Where’s the Doctor?” Phaze asked her as she approached.

“I was attacked and he was hit in the head as we fled. He stayed conscious just long enough to bring the TARDIS here,” she explained.

“We need him. I don’t think that either of us can get him inside on our own,” she said gesturing at the man before her. Anji glanced down and saw that the man was just barely conscious himself. Blood seemed to be everywhere and she seriously doubted that no matter what they did, he was not going to make it.

“I think we might be too late anyway,” she said sadly.

“We better not be,” Phaze said firmly. “Because he is the Doctor.”

Anji looked at her confused as Phaze went on to say, “There’s no time to explain right now, just go see if there is anything in the TARDIS that we can use to get him to the medical bay.”

Anji nodded and raced off. She paused for a second once inside to glance at her Doctor wondering what Phaze could have meant about the other also being the Doctor, but decided that it was nothing that she needed to understand right then; all she needed to do was find some type of gurney to get the man inside so that they might have a chance to save his life, regardless of who he was.


Fitz sped after the car in front of him. He was steadily gaining on them and it wasn’t long before he could see into the back window. He watched as the woman continued to struggle with the two captors in the back seat. One was holding her arms as the other tried to advance on her, but he wasn’t getting very far with this tactic. Fitz edged his bike a long side on the vehicle where the man was trying to get at the woman. Hoping that the car doors were not locked, he got up close enough to it and grabbed the handle, wrenching the door open just as the woman delivered a solid kick. Fitz swerved to avoid the falling man and the open door. The attacker plummeted out of the moving vehicle and was left behind as it continued to speed on.

Now it was obvious to the other three men that they had a new comer. The driver pulled his gun out and handed it off to his passenger. Fitz noticed this movement and ducked just in time to avoid the flying bullets. He slowed and swerved behind the car again. The man continued to fire at him, shooting out the rear window.

Keeping down, Fitz stayed with the car still not sure how he was going to rescue the girl since these men obviously really wanted her. Then he saw the girl break an arm out of the hold of her captor and reach out for the gun. Her sudden movement caught him by surprise and she was able to grab it and toss it out of the shattered window. Fitz tried to catch it as it came at him, but he wasn’t quick enough and as he glanced over his shoulder, he saw it lying in the middle of the street. At least it wasn’t being fired at him any more, he thought.

The passenger side rear door was still open. He sped up again along side the car. He watched as the girl inside pummeled her captor, trying to break free again. Suddenly, the car veered towards Fitz, trying to collide with him, but all it did was toss the girl and man to his side of the car.

Reaching out, Fitz grabbed the girl’s arm and tried to help her break the grip of the man. The car swerved again, knocking the girl from Fitz’s grip as the door collided with his leg. Waves of pain washed over him, but he was quickly back in place. She now seemed to have kicked the man away from her for a second. It gave him just enough time to grab her arm again and pull her out of the speeding car.

Using all of his skill, or what he really had to admit was luck, he was able to balance the bike and get the girl on board just behind him. The car slammed to a stop as Fitz quickly turned his bike around at a side street and headed back the way that they had come.

The car turned as well and began its pursuit. The girl looked back and then said in a high-pitched voice, “They’re coming!”

“I know,” Fitz responded as he searched for a side street that looked promising. “Hold on!” he told her as he turned sharply to the right.

There were several minutes as he weaved in and out of side streets, parked cars, and even a few people as he took to a sidewalk, but eventually he lost his pursuers. Of course by this point, he had absolutely no idea where he was or how to get back to where he had left the Doctor.

“We have to get back to the Doctor,” the girl said to him, as if echoing his thoughts.

“I know, I just don’t…” and then he realized what she had just said. “Wait, you know the Doctor?”