Too Long in a Cage

by Primsong [Reviews - 7]

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  • Character Study, General, Introspection, Vignette

1. One [Reviews - 4] (315 words)
This set of somewhat introspective portraits taking a look at his status as a renegade began as a drabble, but - not unlike the Doctor - it would not be contained in quite so brief a place.

2. Two [Reviews - 0] (345 words)
And then there was Two... this one is placed at the end of 'War Games'. Some revision has been made.

3. Three [Reviews - 1] (330 words)
There are times when an object is ruined in the lab and Three notes with frustration he'd been working on it for 'months'... How many days and nights did he spend beating his wings against his cage?

4. Four [Reviews - 2] (346 words)
And then all the restraints fell away...