What Never Should Be

by blucougar57 [Reviews - 317]

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  • Adult
  • Explicit Sex
  • Alternate Universe, Angst, Drama, Hurt/Comfort, Slash

1. Ianto's New Job [Reviews - 8] (2992 words)
This is very much an AU, OOC fic. I wasn't planning on posting it until I'd finished "Ashes & Dust", but the muse had other ideas. Once I've posted this chapter, I hope to get back to "Ashes".
This basically looks at one possible consequence, had Jack refused Alice Guppy and Emily Holroyd's "offer" to work for Torchwood in 1899. The story begins in current times, approximately six months before the battle of Canary Wharf.

2. The Man With No Name [Reviews - 4] (1753 words)

3. Simple Acts of Kindness [Reviews - 5] (2087 words)

4. Digging Into The Past [Reviews - 2] (1176 words)

5. Breakthrough [Reviews - 6] (2591 words)

6. Bubble Baths & Chocolate [Reviews - 5] (3851 words)

7. A New Friend [Reviews - 5] (3279 words)
I was setting Gage up as a foil, to be killed off randomly when the shit hits the fan at the Battle. But I'm starting to like the character so much, that the plan may change. Lisa, on the other hand, is currently very expendable....
And to those waiting for Jack's memory to come flooding back, and for him to suddenly regain all his faculties, remember - this is AU, and Jack's mind has been severely damaged. I'm not even sure yet if or when he'll recover mentally, and if you've been following my story "Ashes & Dust", you'll know that I don't go for quick and easy endings. On the other hand, we may be seeing stronger hints of the Captain's character coming through in the coming chapters.
But yes, I'm afraid it's going to get worse for Jack before it will get better.

8. Comfort in the Night [Reviews - 6] (3265 words)

9. Plans In The Making [Reviews - 3] (1420 words)

10. The First Step To Salvation [Reviews - 4] (2941 words)

11. New Allies [Reviews - 6] (4472 words)
Ianto finds allies in an unexpected place.

12. An Unexpected Turn [Reviews - 7] (3010 words)
This chapter (or, more specifically, the end of it) came to me out of left field. It isn't what I'd intended to happen, but.... shrugs There we are.
I will say this much, though - there's a light at the end of the tunnel, but anyone who is familiar with my style of writing will know damned well that said light could very well be an oncoming train. Make no assumptions. That's all I'll say.

13. Out [Reviews - 9] (4660 words)

14. They Called Me Jack [Reviews - 5] (4320 words)
Really, the chapter title speaks for itself, I think. Also, I have no idea if you can get Cocoa Pops in the UK. I just opted for a popular, generic cereal.

15. No Greater Gift [Reviews - 8] (1859 words)
This is a deliberately short chapter. My apologies, but NaNo begins at the end of this week, and updates from me may be even fewer than at the moment. I just figured it would be cruel to leave my readers hanging over the fate of Gage and Tomas. *ducking for cover now*

16. A New Home [Reviews - 7] (2321 words)
I know this is my first update in a while, but it's NaNoWriMo, and I've been focused on that. The good news is that I've achieved 50,000 words, and now have the leisure of returning to my other unfinished fics. And yes, my NaNo fic is a Torchwood story, which will be posted here in due course. In the meantime, rest assured knowing I haven't abandoned this story, or "Ashes".

17. Random Memories [Reviews - 11] (2422 words)

18. The Ghost Shifts [Reviews - 11] (3327 words)

19. Dangerous Distractions [Reviews - 10] (3536 words)
Because I know I left it on a bitch of a cliffhanger, and I don't care to be cyberlynched....

20. Things Fall Apart [Reviews - 17] (4767 words)
Apologies for the delay on this chapter. I had more difficulty writing it than I expected to.

21. Reunions [Reviews - 18] (4761 words)
Here is where what little story canon I've been following is going to get lost by the wayside. I'm fully aware that when the Doctor and Rose came back at this point in season 2, Jackie was completely caught up with the Ghost Shifts, like everyone else. Well, my muse has decided she doesn't want to follow the canon of the Doomsday plot. So, we're just going with the flow now, and we'll just see where we eventually end up.

22. Into the Lions' Den [Reviews - 14] (4935 words)
My apologies for the delay in updates. I've been sick from a combination of heat stroke and fume inhalation.

23. Before the Storm [Reviews - 8] (2199 words)
My apologies for both the delay and the shortness of this chapter. I've been sick the last couple of weeks with heat stroke, and it's been bloody hard to concentrate on anything.

24. Trapped [Reviews - 11] (3647 words)

25. War [Reviews - 5] (6195 words)
Apologies for the delay in posting this. I wrote the entire chapter by hand over the past week, and then struggled to find the time to type it up. Go figure.

26. An Unexpected Betrayal [Reviews - 6] (5173 words)

27. The Doorway to Hell [Reviews - 7] (4262 words)

28. Promises Kept [Reviews - 8] (5761 words)
This chapter basically signals the end of part one of this story. I haven't yet decided whether to just continue on under the same title, or whether to begin a new story entirely, and mark it as a follow-up/sequel. We'll see how we go.

29. Aftermath [Reviews - 6] (5996 words)
After much consideration, I opted to continue on under the same title, because in the end, a newly titled story just didn't sit right with me. So here we go again...

30. Returns & Reassurances [Reviews - 4] (4680 words)

31. Educating Jack [Reviews - 7] (3569 words)
I gave this chapter a lot of thought - especially the last part of it. There is borderline inappropriate sexual overtures in this chapter, and I very nearly abandoned it altogether. In the end, though, I thought - this is classic Jack. Only, minus the deliberate innuendos to go with.

32. Of Red Caps & Chocolate Milk [Reviews - 10] (5731 words)
I’m sorry this chapter took so long to put together. I have no excuse, and I just hope that it satisfies those who I know have been waiting. That said, I hate my muse. She decided to take a very sharp couple of left turns in the process of writing this, and a couple of things that I hadn’t intended on happening did happen. Go figure.

33. Promises Made [Reviews - 6] (3433 words)

34. Compromises & Proposals [Reviews - 6] (7256 words)

35. Telling Stories [Reviews - 3] (3820 words)

36. Trouble in Paradise [Reviews - 7] (1499 words)
My apologies for the cliffhanger at the end of this chapter. It just made sense to finish it there.

37. Coming to Terms [Reviews - 5] (2973 words)

38. Marketplace Mayhem [Reviews - 8] (2902 words)
My muse is evil. That is all.

39. Restoration [Reviews - 7] (3669 words)

40. Acceptance [Reviews - 7] (4754 words)
This story is nearly at an end (much to my shock), but rest assured that it won't be the end of this particular universe. The muse is already planning out the continuation of Jack and Ianto's adverntures together, so no. A sequel will not be far off.
Oh, and with this chapter, the rating just went up to "Adult".

41. A Taste of Normal [Reviews - 5] (1994 words)
Apologies for the short chapter, but it suited to cut it off where I did. So, in hindsight, apologies for the cliffie as well....

42. A View To The Past [Reviews - 6] (5633 words)

43. The Pathway Forward [Reviews - 5] (5267 words)
This is the penultimate chapter. There is just the epilogue to come, but whilst this particular story is nearly over, it's really only the beginning for Jack and Ianto in this AU. There is more to come.

44. Epilogue: Where He Belongs [Reviews - 9] (5169 words)
And so we come to the end of this story, but for any who are interested, I have already begun to write a follow-up story. This isn't the last you will see of Jack and Ianto in this AU, I promise...