The Cult of Skaro

by Modayode [Reviews - 3]

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  • Drama, Introspection, Missing Scene

1. Standoff on Skaro [Reviews - 3] (2138 words)
This serves as a prologue for my series on the Time War, and an origin story for the Cult of Skaro.
It also serves to set up the particulars of the universe my Time War occurs in. There are several different established theories of Dalek history and hierarchy. The ones I will be using are established here.
I have stayed mainly with the version put forward by John Peel and Terry Nation, because I think the man who created the Daleks should have his say. Also because I always liked it best anyway.
Other details are my own.

2. History of the Daleks [Reviews - 0] (2187 words)

3. God of the Daleks [Reviews - 0] (1267 words)