Universe is cruel

by abete_rosso [Reviews - 61]

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  • Alternate Universe, Angst

Rose wakes with a start. Her eyes snap open as she searches for somebody in the room. She’s surprised to see no one there, but the distress she feels radiating from somewhere gets stronger and even her dull mind cannot ignore it anymore. She tries to remember when this started. She remembers her mother, the quite empty kitchen. She remembers the flashes. She remembers her hand falling down. She turns her head a bit to look at her belly. She traces her good hand over it and the distress softens a bit. Is she pregnant? She then looks at her belly again. Her fingers catch a kick. The sensation is overwhelming. She is pregnant! One by one memories come back and flash in her mind. The day he proposed at Christmas, the moment they met at a cashier point to pay for similar things they picked for each other, the day he made his new sonic screwdriver and took her on a tour to some secret halls of the British museum, millions of times he grabbed her hand and pulled her away from another nasty alien, millions of times she did the same for him, their secret smiles and jokes, the day she left the field work for HR because of her first pregnancy, the first person she picked to work with her who happened to be Donna Noble, him giving up field work for the family, Jamie’s first birthday, her Doctor playing with their son, the morning she told him she’s pregnant again and the overwhelming happiness radiating from his eyes. The evening they got in the car to break the news to her parents, their laughter as they drove through the dark streets, the kiss he gave her 5 minutes before everything collapsed. He was gone now, together with her child, her son, her Jamie. And she couldn’t even go to the funeral. She failed them in the most unforgiving way. Guilt and pain and sorrow flooded her heart and mind as she curls hugging her unborn child wailing. She cries for all she’s lost. She feels tears tickling her cheeks and nose as they run down. She cries for all her baby’s lost even before she was born. She doesn’t know how, but she’s certain it’s a girl.

”I’m sorry, little one. I’m so sorry for forgetting about you. I’m so sorry I couldn’t save your daddy and big brother for you. I’m so so so sorry,” she cried caressing her baby bump.

Jackie watched her daughter curled in her bed howling with pain. She knew this was going to happen, but nonetheless she felt her heart breaking for the thousandth time in the last few months. But even thought it was tearing her apart Jackie recognized the Rose she knew. She was coming to her senses at last. The pain would seize in time, Jackie knew too well how this happens, and Rose was strong and she had the baby to carry on for… at least for now. She noticed Rose was now looking at her and rushed to comfort her broken child.


Doctor Jones visited the mansion every day now for Rose and the baby. The plaster was removed a few days ago. Rose still couldn’t walk or even sit straight without help; her muscles went weak and uncooperative in the two stationary months. Pete and Jackie decided to tell Martha about the Doctor being an alien and his two hearts and regeneration. They showed her the part of the Doctor’s video about the pregnancy and the files attached. Jackie was very much surprised at the ease this young doctor got her head around the news. She was good, this Marta Jones. A few days later she turned up pale but quite content with a big bag of different vitamins and pills and prescription.

“Took me 48 hours to work it out but this’ll help the baby with the regeneration. It’s been two months, but all we know is that the first one is the most difficult and long lasting. In any case, better safe than sorry.”

Jackie looked surprised at the doctor, “Wow, come in, sweetheart, and let me give you some tea. How long have you been up? All those 48 hours I guess? Come in, I’ll fix you a cup of tea and you’ll rest for a few hours here. And no objections! You’re killing yourself for Rose and the baby so just do as I say. And don’t worry; we’ll call the hospital. You won’t have any problems with them.” Jackie was in her hen mother mood again. Martha smiled shyly and followed the elder woman. She could really use some rest and a cuppa was what she needed. She found she liked these people. Despite being rich and famous and important, obviously, they were so open and caring. She remembered meeting Jackie Tyler before the Cyber War. She didn’t like her then. Not at all. But then this Jackie appeared out of nowhere with a grown up daughter. And this daughter insisted on her being her family doctor even though Martha had just graduated then and didn’t have much practice. It was clear as day, they had many secrets, and she already knew one of the biggest of them. Another girl would probably pass the news to the reporters, but Martha Jones has never been that kind of girl. The felt honored to be trusted and decided she would help these people with everything she can. That’s why she spent 48 hours of her weekend to figure out what a regeneration is and what possible aftereffects is has. She pulled the covers to her eyes and drifted to sleep in a soft bed of one of Jackie Tyler’s guest rooms. When she got up she found Jackie in the kitchen preparing toasts and tea.

“Good morning to you, sweetheart”, the woman exclaimed and invited Martha to sit and have her ‘breakfast’. “Here you go.” She placed the plate and tea in front of her and then sat down in front of the girl. “While you are here, there’s one thing I thought about asking you. An advice really. The Doctor left a video for Rose as well. She doesn’t know, we haven’t told her. Do you think she’s in the state to have it? There’s plenty information about the pregnancy and… well… everything. And he’s so sweet there. But I’m afraid it could hurt her even more. And Rose is still so weak. Do you think I should show her, or put it off a bit?”

“I want to see it,” came a weak voice from the doorway. Pete pushed the wheelchair with Rose into the kitchen smiling apologizing at Jackie, who glanced at Martha worryingly.

“Are you sure, luv?” Jackie asked her daughter after a nod from the doctor.

“I am, mum.”