His Midnight Sky

by converse_universe [Reviews - 4]

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  • Alternate Universe, Poetry

Author's Notes:
This is a sequel to my poem Midnight Sky which I wrote a long time ago and some people seemed really touched by it. Not needed to appreciate this but I will say it is much better if you have read it. Midnight Sky is from Rose's point of view and was written as a response to Doomsday. This is from the Doctor's point of view this time and finishes their story at Journey's End. Not as happy with this as I am with Midnight Sky, but that's sequels for ya. May continue with one more (I have the idea for it), but I would like to hear response from this one before I make up my mind. Thanks! I hope you enjoy!

We will never meet again, I’d told you once before
I never saw it coming, a reunion on that shore

But in the midst of chaos, as if you always knew
There you appeared from so far away, and towards my arms you flew.
Pain and death and falling, warm hand holding my head
This just cannot be happening, never wanted you to see me dead

The bright glow of hope and the hand holding my life
Creation in a jar, and it saved existence’s life
I’m still me I told you, though damaged, dark and torn
A part of me was saved for you, and this part was reborn

The man without a home, but with family besides
No one ever stays forever in this box where darkness hides
Surrounded by you all, a family, my loyal friends
As expected you leave me one by one, as many a journey ends

Now once again upon the beach I already have a plan
You promised me forever, but I am not longer that man
Forever cannot exist, the blooming flower will die
Time will wilt it out of existence, a barely audible sigh

Before you ask your questions, look to the man over there
Me in every single way, one heart, it is yours to share
Tearfully you tell me, and I know you are confused
That I cannot just leave her, because “The Doctor is still you”

The man in blue is silent through this exchange of talk
All are painfully aware of the quickly ticking clock
As the time runs away from us with extraordinary speed
You have to understand the depth of my, of his needs

Facing my opponent, the battle I’ve always fought
Myself in mirror image, usually all I’ve got
Asked the question from that day, this place so long ago
The answer that I cannot say, yearn to but alone must I go

As you turned away from me and faced the other man
I wished so desperately then that you would take my hand
Leaning towards you our voice speaks those three unspoken words
Quietly he whispers it, very nearly unheard

To endure the happy ending that only a part of me will get
I cannot think of when or if or how I will regret
For letting you go a second time as a void encloses my life
Is cutting a bloody smile into my hearts with a serrated knife

I truly hope you are happy, as he holds you in his arms
Protects you from all the monsters, and that you save him from all harms
You thought once of standing alone, but still together you said
I never knew as the distance grew that my hearts had turned to lead

The steady roar of the engines as I step from your embrace
I can see you running towards me, the torn look upon your face
For once a happy ending, a goodbye with enough time
The stuff of legends together, her hand in his, in mine

So as you stare out your window, and I into my midnight sky,
I wonder if you are thinking too of how my lonely hearts now cry.