Spot's Journey

by SunkenStandard [Reviews - 4]

  • All Ages
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  • Action/Adventure, Fluff, Standalone

Author's Notes:
This is just silliness, plain and simple. It started as a running joke (and not a very funny one either) in my responses to my reviews. Also completely unbeta'd- I've loaded her down with enough chapters to last her for some time.

Spot was a cunning little Pflot, yes she was. She’d been out of her cage before, away from those reeking and itchy wood shavings, but they’d always found her. Well, more like she’d always gone back, because as tasteless as the nuts and seeds and brown pellets they fed her were, her belly always got the best of her. And she’d had the eggs to think about. Had to keep them growing, hidden away where the humans couldn’t get them.

The time was now. If she didn’t lay her eggs soon, they would shrivel and die within her. There were no males anywhere near. They’d be safe, if she hid them from the big pink and brown things that blundered around her territory, the ones who put her in this tiny cage.

One of them, pink and brown and blue, had taken her out of her cage. It had warbled to her in the language of her previous captors, strange staccato sounds that she found comforting nonetheless. It didn’t smell exactly like the other Pinks and Browns, but it was close enough.

It couldn’t be helped. She’d had to bite him so he would drop her. It was the only way to get out of those big, protective paws and away to freedom.

He’d looked for her, in caves and on top of the plateaus the pink things bent their bodies to fit into, through the roots of the trees that moved like animals. But she was clever. Too clever. There was a hole in the floor, fresh air whistling softly through the slatted covering. She’d chewed then, faster and harder than she’d ever chewed before. Broke two teeth, but they’d grow back. It didn’t budge.

The pink and yellow one had come back in then, and Spot had hidden herself behind a tree. She’d left, with the pink and brown and blue one. Spot considered her options as she gathered crumbs in her cheeks. Much better than the brown pellets, these orange ones. She ate as much as she could, emptying her body next to one of the caves so she could fit more in. She had a long journey ahead.

If she could get to the sky.… She’d seen the brown and black one move the clouds aside once, and she’d had a glimpse of the sky, the proper sky- dark and with no little lights, but still the sky above the clouds. So she climbed. Up the trees to the plateaus, onto the big, slippery rocks, and up, up, up the thick vines that grew into the clouds.

She pushed one of the clouds aside, enough to climb into it, above it. She was walking on top of the clouds! Now, to find somewhere safe for her eggs. Somewhere the Pinks and Browns wouldn’t find them.

For days she traversed the clouds, then caves and forests, hiding from the lumbering Pinks and Browns. She was nearly eaten by one of those loud monsters she had observed from her cage, while resting in one of the caves. She’d found water, a cool place with deep white ponds. She’d almost fallen in one, but she had been lucky. When the young were hatched and they found her again, she would make sure to warn them.

She’d been careful not to leave a scent trail. Wouldn’t do to lead any predators right to the nest. Or have her babies get lost as they followed her scent upon hatching. She would be close when they hatched, but far enough away to draw anything that ate Pflots away from the nest.

When she was almost ready to give up, exhausted and ready to brood, she caught a familiar scent. Her liberator! The pink and brown and blue one who didn’t smell like the others. She followed the scent and dropped from the sky onto the closest mountain. She slid down, down the slippery slope until she hit a cold, flat plateau. There, on the plateau was a small cave. The material was soft and would shred easily under her teeth. It was filled with more soft and slippery bedding.

Soon enough, she had her nest constructed and went about laying her eggs. It wouldn’t be long now. Only a few days after leaving her body, they would come find her. Her babies. And they’d be free, all of them. The territory she had chosen was big enough for the family. Plenty of places to hide. Even a spring that drip, drip, dripped at regular intervals. It was paradise.

She drank from the spring and crawled back out of the basin it flowed into. She searched for food, but found none. She would have a rest and go in search of some. She would teach her young how to forage of the bits the Pink and Browns dropped. It would be glorious.