Beyond Bad Wolf Bay

by ARoseByAnotherName [Reviews - 5]

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  • Teen
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  • Alternate Universe, Het, Romance

1. Chapter 1: Shall We Dance? [Reviews - 2] (1703 words)
Donna and the Doctor have just left in the Tardis. Jackie looks on in the distance. I continue to rework this story as I understand Rose and the Doctor more and try to express them better, so hopefully it is improving. This is my first attempt at writing.

2. Chapter 2 : Cominoto Island [Reviews - 3] (1285 words)
Chapter 2 of Beyond Bad Wolf Bay. I wanted to explore the idea that the Doctor's telepathy worked both ways a la Reinette's "a door once opened..." explanation in "The Girl in the Fireplace." There's nothing too explicit here. I've done a little editing, and added a picture. Enjoy.