Aftershock 15 - If Only I Could...

by AishaLeHerisson [Reviews - 0]

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  • Alternate Universe, Angst, Hurt/Comfort

Author's Notes:
Finally found the plot! Woohoo!

As they lay between the sheets of the double bed they were both sweating hard, panting as if they'd never get back their breath, and wore similar stupid grins on their faces.

“That. Was. AMAZING!” Adric finally breathed.

Aisha laughed. “Yeah, I found it a lot more thrilling to have a living partner for once.” She grinned to show it wasn't meant to be nasty.

Adric gave a fairly short laugh and rolled over onto her, his hands gripping into her hair and his teeth teasing the edge of earlobe again. Aisha submitted to his advances and giggled like a teenager. Suddenly there was a loud CRASH. Aisha tried to sit up, and eventually Adric remembered he was no longer dead and got off her. Aisha quickly pulled on a pair of trousers and her long black coat, and waiting until Adric had pulled on his boots and pants she went out to investigate.

“Hello?” she called.

Suddenly she heard the sound of boots marching up the corridor, she pulled her head back inside to where Adric still wasn’t dressed.

“Hurry up, we’ve got company,” she said, pulling on her boots.

“I haven’t dressed solid for a while, give me a break!” Adric said, as he pulled on his yellow shirt.

Suddenly they heard the sound getting louder alarmingly fast. Aisha threw the door closed and barricaded it with a tall pole that happened to be lying in the room, Adric grabbed his cord belt and together both of them threw their weight against the door as the banging began as whoever was in the TARDIS tried to break in.

“Who are you?” Aisha cried to their invaders.

“That’s not what you should worry about!” came the reply.

“We’re not dangerous!” Adric shouted, as the bar and door started to buckle under the pressure of constant bashing.

The bashing continued, Aisha felt her feet slipping and turned to her boyfriend.

“Get out of here!” she cried. “If only one of us are caught the other can free them!”

“How am I meant to escape?” Adric asked, tapping his chest as his voice betrayed his reluctance to leave her by herself to face the intruders. “I’m alive now remember?”

“Of course I do!” she snapped. “But there’s another door…” She indicated the cupboard at the far end of the room.

“But… they might torture you to find out where I went…” Adric protested, still reluctant to leave.

“And you think I can’t handle it?” she grinned. “Please! You underestimate me! Now GO!”

As he moved back but hovered, unsure Aisha lost her patience with the young Alzarian… she kicked him hard. He went down, clutching his leg where her boot had made contact.

“How’m I meant to run with a giant bruise?” he hissed.

“MOVE IT YOU IDIOT!” she cried.

Muttering Alzarian curses Adric quickly stumbled over to the wardrobe and ducked in, he felt around in the dark till he found the doorknob he’d known was there. Damn it, he hated leaving Aisha alone like this. He might not BE an angel anymore technically, but he’d made a promise to protect her… He heard the loud crack as the door in the bedroom broke and it startled him out of his thoughts. He ran through the door, closing it behind him and then fleeing down the corridor. He squashed the guilt in his chest that gripped his heart and started to think about what he should do next…


As the door broke, and sent Aisha flying she hoped that Adric’s sense of duty to her word hadn’t gone along with his wings. She didn’t have long to think this however, before a storm of men marched in and surrounded her. Large strong hands grabbed her and hauled her to her feet, and then a long dagger was placed at her throat as another set of arms pulled her head back by her hair.

“Where is he?” the one holding the dagger hissed at her.

“Who?” she asked.

“Don’t act stupid!” the soldier shouted, spraying her face with spittle and digging the blade into her throat. “We have come for the boy! Where is he? We heard him!”

Aisha snarled at them, but inside she was confused. They were after Adric? Why were they after a guy who had, up until two hours ago, been dead for over 300 years? What was going on?

“He’s gone.” she said. “What do you want with him?”

“That is not your concern slut,” another soldier hissed.

The dagger was pulled back and her hair released, so her head fell forward. The sharp edge had left a long red mark across her throat and it hurt like hell. On an order from the dagger carrying one the rest of the soldiers marched Aisha out of the room, towards wherever their headquarters were she guessed.


As he came into the next room Adric realised that he had absolutely no idea what he should be doing next. Staying free was obvious, but should he try to free Aisha? Should he try and find out what was going on? Was it a misunderstanding? Did their attackers have the right people? Or was it someone who was specifically after them? And if so, why? What had they done?

“Damn… what would the Doctor do?” he wondered.

He thought about it and saw the Doctor’s forth self walking into danger with that large grin of his, it hadn’t always ended in them escaping from the place he’d just walked into but somehow he’d always known what to do. He sighed.

“No matter what’s really going on here I have to follow them,” he said, as he heard them marching past the room he was in.

He rested his hand on the doorknob, about to open it when the TARDIS hummed behind him. He sighed.

“Yes, I’m going, I have to follow them!” he hissed. “The Doctor would.”

The TARDIS hummed again, but Adric ignored her and started to twist the doorknob…

“I’d listen to your machine if I were you Alzarian…”

Adric spun round. There was no one there, but the hairs were standing up on the back of his neck. He knew that someone else was there.

“W-who’s there?” he demanded.

“A friend,” said the voice, and Adric recognised the voice of the ‘Gallifreyian Guard’ from back on Gallifrey. “Listen, you can follow them. But it would be better to wait a while. They are after you and to be caught now would be a disaster.”

“They’re after me?” he cried, in surprise. “Damn, it’s all my fault then…”

“No, but you are the only one who can do anything for the moment,” the voice said, and laughed. “If I left here I’d instantly be caught. They have a tracker planted on me…”

“You still haven’t told me who you are,” Adric said.

“And you won’t know till we meet for the first time… for me.”

As Adric walked forwards towards the sound of the voice, suddenly he heard the boots marching outside again. He knew he had to go and ran through another hidden door, the female Lupis Crytomore came out from where she had been hiding. Her appearance was that of a humanoid blue wolf, with a flattened face and hand-shaped front paws. The door was flung open.

“You,” said the guard who looked in.

“Yes, me,” the wolven girl said, her ears drooping.

“You have done your job slave?” he asked.

“Yes, the Alzarian will not follow the others and his friend so soon,” she said, bowing her head.

“Good,” the guard said, before leaving.

As she watched him go she sighed, she lifted her wrists and stared at the shining shackle-like bracelets around them, and the matching silver anklets. She knew that one day she was going to be friends with the boy she had just betrayed, but for now she had to obey the soldiers… if not she would die and so would any hope of the great future.

“… I’m so sorry… Adric,” she whispered, before following the guard through the door.