Aftershock 12 - Doing Domestic

by AishaLeHerisson [Reviews - 0]

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  • Teen
  • Swearing
  • Alternate Universe, Drama, Het, Hurt/Comfort, Romance

Author's Notes:
Will Adric forgive Aisha for what she said back in 'Prydonian Traitor'?

As they pulled him down the corridor he repeated his instruction, to test Susan’s DNA. He knew that it was the only way; he had to get them to see for the future, for Aisha, for the sake of Susan… As they came to a cell suddenly he had an idea.

“You say you respect other beings, even if they come to live with you on your planet,” he said, to the guard who was holding him. “So why don’t you honour my wish? My request. Test the baby, you’ll see that Nydor Pian was making it up!”

“And you?” the guard growled, as he shoved Adric into the cell. “Those wings looked awfully REAL said the eyewitnesses!”

“Test me too, after the girl,” Adric said. “Come on, what have you got to lose? It’s not as if I can walk through the wall and escape!”

The guard seemed to be thinking about it, his cohort nudged him and he jerked awake. He considered Adric, and slowly nodded.

“Alright fine, we’ll test the child’s DNA,” he said. “But if it IS a mongrel, you can bet that it’ll be destroyed as soon as possible!”

Adric scowled and watched as they walked out. He sighed, at least now they’d test Susan as Gallifreyian. He’d done what he’d needed to do, but he didn’t want to stick around for them to test him. Susan might now be pure, but he was certainly not. He stuck his head through the far wall; it bordered the outside. He grinned and shot out, fast as a bullet into the sky, to wait and see if Aisha would even bother to follow him…


Meanwhile Aisha had forced herself to stop worrying. Adric was here, and so was Susan she’d heard. He wouldn’t have let them take her as well, unless he had a plan. But what kind of thing could he have done to make sure Susan was going to be a hundred percent Time Lady? The maternal DNA wasn’t so…

“Oh god, I really hope you knew what you were doing man!” she muttered.

“Oh shut up, no one can hear you except me,” Nydor said from behind her.

Just as Aisha was about to march over to him and slap him around his bloated head, she heard the cell door unlocking. She spun and immediately backed off as a guard walked in, exchanging scathing glances with both Aisha and Nydor (at least they were together on the fact neither of them wanted to be locked up in this way, Aisha thought). Then another guard came in, and Aisha’s face broke into an involuntary grin.

“Susan!” she cried.

“Yes… we’re here to tell you that you are free to go,” said the first guard, looking as if he had a stomach ache. “We have detained the alien and on his request we tested your child. She is perfectly normal, so you may have her back and go.”

“That’s gr…” Aisha began, than paused. “I mean, thank you.”

The second guard handed Susan, now wrapped in a shawl, to Aisha and together the guards led Aisha, Susan and Nydor out of the prison. As they reached the outside however they heard a commotion, as the two guards leading them turned to look Aisha and Nydor ran for it.

“Hey! Come back!” one guard cried. “Tell us where your alien friend went! COME BACK HERE AND TELL US!”

“That means Adric’s escaped too,” Aisha said to Nydor.


“We’ve got to find him! He could be in trouble Ny!” Aisha cried, as they took cover behind some bushes.

“We’re free now, why jeopardise it by looking for him?” Nydor asked. “He’s gone Aisha. Deal with it, you’ll recover.”

“And HOW do you suggest I will do that?” Aisha snapped, as she hugged Susan close to her chest. “HOW do I deal with the loss of my soulmate?”

“Soulmate?” Nydor scoffed. “I’m here, and I’M your soulmate. The little house and our jobs are all we need! You don’t need that… alien trash!”

There was a silence, Aisha glowered at Nydor but the young Time Lord seemed to have no idea he’d seriously overstepped the mark with that last comment. Aisha shoved the keys of their house into his hand.

“Well then in that case you can stay here Nydor Pian,” she said. “You’re not coming with us when we leave this time. Goodbye.”

She spun on her heel and ran from Nydor, towards the gate and the rock cliff wilds outside the town walls. She would find Adric, and then she would complete the task she’d come here for and had been putting off for so long…


Out in the wilds it was getting dark. As the wind buffeted her and Susan, Aisha carried on, as she knew she couldn’t go back now. She had to find Adric, find him and apologise for what she’d said to him back in the house…

“Adric!” she called, as she ran through patches of long grass. “Adric! Where are you?”

She walked over the grass looking around for any sign of movement. As she came up to the ruins of a barn she started to call again.

“Adric, please!” she cried. “I’m sorry! I didn’t mean it! Please…”

She stopped as her voice echoed over the empty plains… she sniffed, her eyes beginning to prick with sadness. As Susan shivered and moaned in the shawl, Aisha sat down on an old collapsed pillar and cuddled her baby close to her. She made no sound as her tears traced tracks down her wind-beaten face…


From inside the only room left still standing Adric had watched her approach. She was calling out his name, desperately seeking him. He ducked down as she looked his way, although he didn’t know why. His heart (although he didn’t have one) ached to see her, but he wasn’t sure… he knew she’d been trying to protect him, but those words had stung, had deeply scarred his soul…

He watched from the doorway as she sat down on the pillar, and although he couldn’t hear her he knew she was crying. As he moved to step out into view, his foot, solid due to his grief, kicked at a stone that clattered down the side of the hill towards Aisha. He quickly ducked back into the shadows as she turned to the door, and he sensed her disappointment at not seeing him there. As he peered round the door again Aisha got to her feet and carried on walking, away from the room and away from Adric, holding Susan in her arms. And Adric knew he couldn’t let her leave…

“Aisha!” he cried, as he leapt down from the raised doorway.

Aisha turned to see him and her eyes lit up. She began to run towards him, but then paused, unsure. Adric wondered then realised that she was unsure about going to hug him because he might still be angry with her for the harsh words. He dispelled those thoughts by smiling and beckoning; Aisha smiled back and ran into his arms. One arm wrapped around his neck and the other remained holding Susan who stopped whimpering at the feel of two warm bodies around her. As she cuddled closer to Adric, the two lovers smiled at each other.

“I’m so sorry man…” Aisha said. “I just didn’t want them to get you…”

“It’s okay,” Adric said.

Then they were kissing again, as they pulled apart Aisha’s tears still ran but this time they were happy tears. She knew she had been forgiven.

“Thanks Addie…” she whispered as all three of them hugged close in the dark windy night.

“Well, I guess we have to find somewhere else to go now,” Adric said. “We can’t go back to that village, they’ll find us. We’ll have to…”

Aisha put up a hand and Adric paused, Aisha gave a sad smile as she hugged Susan closer.

“No, no more delays, no more hiding,” she said. “It’s time I did what I should have done a long time ago…”


When there came the knocking at his door he cursed, who could it be at THIS time? He hoped it wasn’t his friend, Koschei; honestly, they were out of the Academy now and sometimes he needed a bit of rest from all of the things they’d gotten up to back then. Now he was out he was supposed to be ‘responsible’, ‘mature’ and stay put on this boring world filled with hypocrites… sometimes he wished he could leave it all behind and travel…

“Alright, I’m coming!” he shouted, as the knocking got more insistent..

As he came to the door the knocking stopped, puzzled he opened the door. At first he couldn’t see anything, but then heard a noise from his feet. He looked down on the basket, containing a young female child dressed in a blue robe and a shawl. There was a note too. He picked it up and read:

‘Greetings Theta Sigma.
This child is your granddaughter, Susan. I am unable to care for her anymore, as it would just be too dangerous, me being who I am.
Who am I? I am your daughter. Your future child. Also now a fugitive from the Council in at least two different times…
Please look after my little girl Father, I just wanted the best for her and you were the best one to care for her. Do it for your little girl.

Your Child’

Theta read it with shock. He was going to have a daughter? No way. He couldn’t believe it… but he decided to put it out of his mind for now. He looked down on Susan, who was starting to stir from her sleep. His face broke into a grin.

“I don’t know why she thought I’d know anything about raising a child, but I guess I have to try,” he said, as he picked up the basket. “Come on Susan. I’ll take care of you now.”

As he went back inside Aisha and Adric were watching from round the corner. Aisha was trying hard not to cry.

“It’s for the best,” she muttered. “For the future… but it still hurts.”

“I know,” Adric said, as he held her from behind in his arms.

Suddenly they heard the whooshing and as they turned into the draft the TARDIS materialised in front of them, Aisha immediately ran forward and began unlocking it.

“Come on, we’ve got to go,” she said.

“That was quick,” Adric said, joining her. “One minute you were so sad and the next…”

“I’m still sad Addie,” Aisha said, not looking at him. “But I’m like my father was. I don’t dwell on my heartbreak, I bury it, and I try to forget… Because otherwise I’d go mad.”

“It’s okay to cry Aish,” he said, as she opened the door.

“Not if you’ve got a universe to save Adric…” Aisha said, before walking in.