Aftershock 12 - Doing Domestic

by AishaLeHerisson [Reviews - 0]

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  • Teen
  • Swearing
  • Alternate Universe, Drama, Het, Hurt/Comfort, Romance

Author's Notes:
Adric gets help from a friend he doesn't know yet and Aisha is stubborn.

Outside the city walls, hidden in the scrub, trees and bushes Adric finally stopped. He put down the basket with Susan on a large flat rock and flopped down beside a tree. He'd prevented a time implosion, but for how long? And even if he could keep Susan alive, what about Aisha and Nydor? What could he do now to clear them, to prove that Susan was Gallifreyian and that he was too...?

“Oh, this going to be difficult,” he sighed, closing his eyes and stretching his wings, ruffling the torn fabric of his Gallifreyian robes.

Suddenly he heard a noise coming from the bushes, he was instantly back on his feet, trying to shield Susan. It was only when they got close enough to see him that he realised that maybe he should have drawn away his wings too, but it was too late now. They'd seen him, his wings and the basket Susan was in. The Angel prepared himself to fight.

“Calm down Adric,” said a gruff female voice, as the female guard from the Capitol came out. “I'm not here to arrest you or kill the young baby that will be known as Susan Foreman, despite the outfit.”

“I don't believe...” Adric said, then realised something and drew off. “Hey! How'd you know my name and Susan's future title?”

“Let's just say I am a friend from your future and my past my young friend,” she said, grinning and showing pointed teeth. “You are not the only alien upon this planet.”

“You’re an…” Adric paused, regrouped his thoughts and asked a simple question. “Who are you?”

“I said, a future friend. I’m not allowed to tell you my name yet, but you’ll know me when you see me, although I won’t know you,” she said. “I just happen to be a Lupis Crytomore. And I can help you with your problem Adric.”

“How? How can you convince the guards that Susan isn’t a mutant?” Adric asked. “They were going to kill her. I barely managed to get her out. And even if they had checked… with Aisha being not wholly Gallifreyian herself…”

“Take this,” the woman said, pressing a strange pendant into his hand. “It can mask DNA codes, making them appear to be those of another race… or they can make subtle alterations in the DNA permanently.”

Adric looked at Susan. “Does this mean that… if she isn’t a hundred percent Time Lady then this can make her one?”

“Yes,” the Lupis Crytomore nodded. “Do it fast, there is a troop of guards heading this way. You will need to take Susan to the Capitol, and allow yourselves to be captured.”

Adric choked. “But…”

“They shall not be able to kill you, Guardian Angel,” she grinned. “Or hold you. Convince them to check young Susan’s DNA, then escape. Everything will fall into place.”

Then she bounded through the bushes, disappearing. Adric could hear the distant sounds of the Panitopican Guard coming, searching for him and Susan. He looked at the pendant and then Susan.

“I’ll do it for your mother,” he said, fastening it around the child’s neck. “Even if she doesn’t want me around anymore…”

He picked up the basket and shot upwards, he sighted the distant Citadel and flew towards it.



“I can’t lie!”

“Tell us the truth! Where is the child? Why did you sleep with that alien? Why did you have his child?”

“I don’t know, because I love him and the child is NYDOR’S for Pete’s sake!” Aisha cried.

“Love? For an alien?” the guard said incredulously. “You really have gone bad…”

At this moment in time both Aisha and Nydor were in the Citadel, being questioned. Aisha was at the moment being asked the questions, and was bound. She was forcefully reminded of the time Abby Romana had kidnapped her on the orders of the Gallifreyian High Council, and as a result she was in a bed temper as she had been then.

“Tell us where the child is!” the guard tried again. “Tell me the truth and maybe you’ll get a lesser punishment!”

“I have told you the truth,” Aisha said. “I don’t know where Susan is. She’s just a baby.”

The guard glared at her, but Aisha, who was past caring what they did to her, glared right back. Eventually the guard looked away and Aisha smirked, she’d won the battle of wills.

“Take her away,” the guard ordered of another two. “We’ll resume in an hour!”

The two guards by the door grabbed Aisha’s arms and dragged her out, she didn’t struggle but she made it difficult to move her. Eventually they brought her down to the holding area, one held her whilst the other unlocked the door, then Aisha was roughly shoved inside. As she got to her feet, snarling, the door was closed and locked. Nydor looked over coolly from the bunk.

“Did you tell them the truth at last?” he asked.

“I have had it arguing with you,” Aisha said. “Sometimes I wish I’d never agreed to take you with us…”

“Yeah, I’ve known THAT for ages!” Nydor snorted, before turning away.

“You did your best to try and take me off Adric…” Aisha said. “That’s your problem. As a Pian you were used to always getting your own way, to having some measure of favour. But this is the real world Nydor. Wake up and embrace it before your attitude gets someone killed… If it’s not already too late…”

Nydor didn’t move or answer, Aisha sighed and walked over to the door to gaze through the small barred window. She just watched out of it, looking bored. But her mind was working, planning and trying to come up with a solution. She was now relying on the memories of her father, inside her head, to try and give them an escape plan (she would take Nydor too, even if he was a jerk and had gotten them into this predicament with his jealousy). But this time… not even her father had the answer; there was no solution. But even if the Doctor couldn’t have come up with a solution, why shouldn’t she? She was a clone of her father, but those impurities, the bits that made her an individual, meant she was NOT the Doctor, and she shouldn’t think of herself as him, as an extension of him… Odd, she’d discovered that way back when she’d been taken for testing in her first form, but she’d somehow forgotten it… She grinned wearily.

“Re-learning old lessons… odd what goes through your mind when you’re afraid,” she muttered.

Suddenly her eyes registered a flash of colour and a familiar shape that made her come to, her ears a voice that instantly snapped her out of her trance.

“I’m telling you! Test her! Her DNA is pure!”

“Adric?” she cried, trying to see past the far left hand side of the little window.

Suddenly she saw three guards restraining him, and dragging him past the window. She cried out in shock, then starting ramming the door. They had him! It was all over! But, where was Susan? Hadn’t Adric taken her after all? What was going on?

“Adric, what’s going on?” she yelled.

But Adric seemed too busy struggling against the guards to take any notice, as he was moved out of her sight Aisha’s hearts were racing, her mind on edge… But then she recalled the picture of him struggling and realised something. There had been no shackles on him, so why hadn’t he phased out of the grip of the guards? What was going on?