Aftershock 12 - Doing Domestic

by AishaLeHerisson [Reviews - 0]

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  • Teen
  • Swearing
  • Alternate Universe, Drama, Het, Hurt/Comfort, Romance

1. Fulfilling Destiny [Reviews - 0] (1719 words)
Aisha tells Adric something big. Which requires them to adjust to family life with Nydor, no TARDIS, no Digo (their cat) and a new addition...

2. Prydonian Traitor [Reviews - 0] (2355 words)
Nydor lets his jealousy get the better of him.
But what is Aisha saying to her Guardian Angel?

3. A Helping Paw From the Future [Reviews - 0] (1310 words)
Adric gets help from a friend he doesn't know yet and Aisha is stubborn.

4. Letting Go... [Reviews - 0] (1893 words)
Will Adric forgive Aisha for what she said back in 'Prydonian Traitor'?