Aftershock 11 - Nightflight

by AishaLeHerisson [Reviews - 0]

  • All Ages
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  • Alternate Universe, Het, Romance

Author's Notes:
This fic was inspired by Nightwish's version of Walking in the Air.
There's also a reference to AS7, which I haven't yet posted.
I don't think he really did seperate her from her body, he just hi-jacked her dream.

The old TARDIS had landed on an icy winter beach. It was dark and the mountains loomed like monsters over them, but Aisha sat on a rock on the seafront ignoring this. As the cool breeze ruffled her hair, bringing a cold spray of the seawater she sighed and removed her glasses, putting them in her pocket. She looked upwards where a flock of seagull-like birds were flapping, experiencing the world from above… As she turned, she saw Adric’s silhouette coming towards her, lit partly by the lights from inside the TARDIS (the door was open) and the lights from the single house near the beach.

“What’s up?” he asked, sensing that she was deep in thought.

“I often wonder what it must be like… to be able to fly and be free…” she said, her eyes following the seagulls past the house. “An aerial view… what’s it like? You must know, you can float.”

“It’s… wonderful.” Adric said. “But a bit lonely by yourself.”

“You know I’d join you if I could,” Aisha said, getting up and walking up to him.

She hugged him and he squeezed her back, but Aisha broke away early and walked into the TARDIS. Adric knew that the recent adventure with the Mitra and seeing her father again had affected her a bit, made her pine a little more for the old days. The days when she was free to explore the TARDIS’ depths with him, and when she didn’t have to make the impossible decisions she now did… He then decided that if Aisha wanted to fly, she would fly. He could do it… he knew he was allowed. Just once…


Aisha was in her room, lying in her bed under the blanket she’d gotten out of a cupboard to keep her warm in this winter climate, but still wearing her clothes and unable to rest. As she wondered about freedom again her door opened, and Adric walked in. Aisha moved over, as she thought he was coming to bed, suspended by the air jets. But Adric grabbed her hand and pulled her onto her feet.

“Come on, I have something to show you,” he said, pulling her down the corridor.

“What?” Aisha asked.

“It’s a surprise!” Adric grinned.

He pulled her outside, and then turned to face her. He took both of her hands in his.

“I’m about to try something I’ve not actually done before,” he said. “Close your eyes for a bit, I’ll tell you when you can open them again.”

Aisha did as he said and closed her eyes. She then felt a cool breeze and Adric’s hands pulling up, then she felt him not pulling anymore, that is he seemed to have come back down.

“Alright, open,” he said.

Aisha opened her eyes… and found herself massively high up! The view… it was amazing… She turned round, letting go of her boyfriend’s hands. She was standing on the roof of the single seaside house. As she looked into the window and saw the little girl who lived here asleep in her bed suddenly she felt Adric’s hand grabbing hers.

“Come on! You said you wanted to fly!” he said, pulling her back.

“Adric!” she cried, stumbling.

Aisha felt herself flying backwards as he pulled, as if she were weightless. He pulled her back and then flung her through the air, letting go of her. She flipped over and over, closing her eyes as she expected to crash down to the ground. But suddenly she stopped, she opened her eyes. She was a short distance away from Adric, who was laughing, his wings flapping regularly. She also seemed to be suspended in the air… then she cottoned on as she looked down and saw her body by the TARDIS door, asleep.

“What have you done?” she yelped.

“Don’t worry, it’s not permanent,” Adric said, looking slightly guilty. “You just said you wanted to see what it felt like to fly… so for one night only I’ve separated your soul from your body…”

“So… I’m like you for a few hours?” she asked, feeling slightly calmer as he flew up behind her.

“Except for the solid bit, yeah,” he said.

“So… shall we go for a flying tour of this place?” Aisha asked, looking over her shoulder at him.

“One minute…” Adric said, putting his hands on her shoulders.

He started to massage them, and suddenly pulled back. He brought back two angel wings with them, which had come from Aisha’s shoulders. As she flapped them he flew in front of her and beckoned for her to follow him. So she did, and they set off on their night flight…

They swooped and dived through the clouds, Aisha following Adric’s lead through the air. She couldn’t feel the wind on her skin, but in some way she sensed it and it was a pleasant feeling indeed… As they passed over an icy river she decided to race him, she propelled herself forwards and shot past him, making him jump. He then sped up to try and catch her, they went low and zoomed through the streets of a village. As they flew children saw them, and gazed open mouthed at the impressive aerial display the two of them were putting on. As they flew higher they laughed at this, they had freaked out some kids… but they didn’t know that this stunt had also alerted someone else to their presence, and that they were now being followed.

They flew up towards a forest-covered mountain, breaking and leaping through the mist as if it was water and they were dolphins. As Aisha broke through again, twisting through the air suddenly a white blur shot past her head. She turned and the second snowball hit her in the stomach. She gasped, and turned to see Adric laughing.

“Come here you!” she cried, charging at him.

They flew around the mountain, Aisha throwing snowball after snowball at the Alzarian, but missing her mark every time. Adric eventually stopped and laughed, putting his hands on his hips.

“Lousy shot aren’t you?” he taunted. “You couldn’t hit me even if…” He was cut off as Aisha’s last snowball slammed into his chest. “Alright, that was a nice shot…” he said.

He then darted after her, laughing as they flew around chasing and being chased. Suddenly as they were going above a bank of thick cloud above the forest Aisha started to wobble.

“Oh god, I think I’m losing height!” she cried.

“No you aren’t. You can’t,” Adric said, although he didn’t sound sure.

“Adric!” Aisha cried, before diving down through the clouds out of control.

Adric stopped and then flew down towards the point where Aisha disappeared… and then he was sent spinning as Aisha flew up through the cloud and knocked him round. As he righted himself he darted as fast as possible at his girlfriend, she stopped her laughter and dived down again till they were both flying above the trees. Then Adric spied something perched at the top of a tree Aisha was going towards… a trap!

“Aisha! Stop!” he cried, stopping himself.

“As if! I’m not falling for that!” she cried.

“No, LOOK OUT!” Adric yelled.

Aisha turned, just as the humanoid man up the tree shot out something long and silver. Aisha screamed and tried to phase, but it hit her in the chest, sending her flying downwards through the trees…

As it hit the tree, the silver cords wrapped around her body; squashing her against the rough bark. As she heard the sound of men whooping and coming closer Adric flew down through the trees, and began to untie the cords.

“What… is this stuff?” she said, as she tried to break free of it.

“You know there are some things that can touch a soul, now stand still!” Adric explained.

As the sounds of the men grew too close for comfort suddenly the cords let go and Aisha was free. As she ran to Adric suddenly they saw the lights of the men’s torches, Adric grabbed Aisha’s hand.

“This way!” he cried, pulling her through the trees (literally).

As they ran they could hear their pursuers following, Adric was keeping his eyes forward and looked determined.

“I hope you’re not too afraid of heights…” he said. “We need a good launch in order to get away, and we’re coming up to a high peak.”

He let go of her hand and ran ahead, Aisha sprinted after him, not feeling the usual exhaustion she would usually get from sprinting after Adric. As he emerged from the trees she saw the cliff edge, she didn’t break step till she got to the edge… The trees below looked like toys… and the sea like a shiny dark blue ribbon. As she stumbled back in fear she saw Adric already floating on the air.

“Come on Aisha!” he cried. “You can do it!”

“I… god that’s high!” she said, stumbling back more.

“Aisha, please!” Adric pleaded. “They’re coming! I don’t want them to capture you!”


“Aisha, they’re almost here!” Adric cried, as Aisha turned to see the dim outlines of the men coming. “Aisha! RUN!”

Aisha screwed up her courage, closed her eyes and raced forwards towards the cliff edge as the party came out of the forest. As they shot off silver nets Aisha put her head down, closed her eyes and leapt into the air… She flapped her wings desperately and shot upwards, out of the reach of the nets. As she opened her eyes and laughed, giddy with the chase Adric shot up beside her, whooping.

“Told you! Knew you could do it!” he cried.

As they flew higher they heard the leader of the hunting party yelling in rage, and they gave a dual laugh. Then looking at each other Adric put out his right hand, and Aisha grasped it with her left. Then together they dived through the clouds and then up high again, even after they let go their flight moves were synchronised… As they came back to the village they were high on their adventure, and landed on the church roof. Aisha was sat on the top of the roof whilst Adric was on the weathervane, one foot in the air and grasping the metal pole with one hand.

“So, was this worth it?” he asked.

“Oh yes,” she said, as the wind blew through them both. “This is one hell of a feeling… no wonder you like to fly…”

“I can only do this once during your life…” Adric said, looking out over the dark village. “But you know after you go too, then we’ll have plenty of time to fly together… It might get boring easily.”

“Nothing is ever boring if I’m with you Addie,” she said, standing.

“You know, you don’t have to make all the hard decisions yourself,” Adric said turning to her. “I may be a companion to you, but we’re a team… You say I take my job too seriously, but you’re too uptight over the job the Doctor left you. Allow me to help. That’s what I’m here for.”

“Alright man,” Aisha said. “It’ll be nice… to have a second opinion.”

She flapped her wings slightly and landed on the other side of the weather vane, and they took in the scene together as the villagers slept. Only the cats and birds saw the strange sight of the two souls of lovers hanging onto the weather vane of the church enjoying each other’s company…