Aftershock 8 - Prydonian Genocide

by AishaLeHerisson [Reviews - 0]

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  • Action/Adventure, Alternate Universe

Author's Notes:
What the title says.

Outside the entrance to the Citadel were a load of guards, dressed in their uniforms and on the watch. Hidden around the corner were Adric and Nydor, looking towards the entrance.

“How are we going to get in?” Adric asked..

“You’re the one who can walk through the walls!” Nydor hissed.

“If I was to do that they’d see us,” Adric said. “We need to get them away from the door…”

Suddenly they noticed another Time Lord coming up to the door, he was wearing a heavy cloak and hood over his head. The guards saw this and let him through without checking under the hood, Adric grinned. A whole group of other Gallifreyians, dressed in the same way were coming.

“I've just had an idea,” he said.

“What?” Nydor asked, looking suspicious.

“Come on, I'm not going to hurt you. In fact, I'm about to help you get in, and myself too...” Adric said, and laughed...


Aisha meanwhile had been unceremoniously shoved into her TARDIS and now was sitting in the old chair in the console room, being watched by two bad-tempered guards. She made a point of not looking at them, and acting as if this was all a minor and annoying inconvenience for her, rather than it being absolutely terrifying. She was worried, inside, that Nydor and Adric would get caught before they could present the evidence that could free her. That maybe they too would be put to death, as she knew from the Doctor’s experience that she couldn't be allowed to live by the Council if she was guilty of the crimes as they thought she was. She trapped the worried sigh that wanted to escape her mouth, and started to think of ways she could delay the inevitable so that the boys would have the best chance of getting inside.

“I'm hungry,” she said.

The two guards remained silent, Aisha tried again, a little louder.

“I said I'm hungry.”

One of the guards turned to her and laughed.

“And what do you want US to do?” he said. “You're a prisoner. You're going to be put to death.”

“The sentence has not been passed yet. Even so, don't all prisoners on death row get a last meal?” Aisha said, in a voice rivalling the snootiness of Romana One.

“So you'll get one later,” he said. “Now quiet, don't give me an excuse to use my weapon!”

Aisha sighed and went back to her thinking, it didn't help that she really was starting to get hungry... Usually by now she and Adric had taken a load of food to Steve to eat and sometimes throw at each other. It depended on how they felt as to what they ate, and unusually they always seemed to want to eat the same thing at the same time. Helped to make sure that arguments, no matter how small, were avoided... Oh, she missed him...

“Addie, where are you?” she asked inside.

Suddenly the doors opened and the leader of the guards walked in, he looked towards Aisha.

“Time for sentence to be passed on you,” he said. “Now move it!”

Aisha's arms were grabbed again by the two guards and she was dragged from the TARDIS, she struggled and put up a fight, anything to delay them. ANYTHING!

“Hurry up guys!” she thought.


Outside the group of hooded Gallifreyians were coming to the gates of the Citadel, unseen another slipped in amongst them. His Academy robes were covered over by a grand yellow, green and red cloak and hood. His dark green eyes were hidden in the shadow of his hood, and the cloak pulled up around his mouth and nose. As they were let in the new one heard a voice in his ear whisper:

“Told you I could get us in.”

“We're not out of the woods yet Angel Boy,” Nydor hissed back. “We've still got to find Aisha.”

“Head for the Council chambers,” Adric said. “And have that recorded message ready to be played. We're getting her out of here, then we're leaving this place for good.”

“I agree with that,” Nydor said.

Suddenly they saw the leader of the guards walk across the passage from another one joining onto it. Nydor hid in an alcove and watched as the leader walk past them, followed by two other guards dragging Aisha. She saw Nydor, and somehow recognising him, made a slight beckoning movement with her head.

“Guess we follow,” Adric said.

Nydor nodded and quietly began to follow the guards to where Aisha was being taken. As they watched hidden round the corner Aisha was pushed into a room, the door shut and the two guards took their positions guarding it.

“Now what?” Nydor asked.

“Now we can go through the wall,” Adric grinned, transforming back and grabbing Nydor's hand.


Inside the door was a large stone courtroom, with the Council sitting in high position above Aisha. Aisha wanted to turn and run, but the head guard was there in the room with her, pointing his staser, which was far more powerful than that of the guards' at her. So she stood there, waiting for the sentence to be passed on her, and hoping that had been Nydor she'd seen back in the corridor. Lady Romana stood to address her.

“Young 'Aisha',” she said. “It is the decision of this Council that you are to be put to death for your crimes.”

“There's a big surprise...” Aisha muttered.

“Further more, we cannot find any record of any 'Aisha' in the Academy records, for any of the Chapters,” Flavia said. “So we are inclined to believe you took that name in order to hide from us your previous crimes.”

“What?” Aisha cried.

“Therefore, your method of execution shall be painful,” Flavia said. “We sentence you to death by slow disintegration!”

Aisha's eyes shot wide, where were they? As she watched Romana started to raise her hand to tell the guards to take her away, this would make the sentence official...


Suddenly two figures came running thought the wall, stopping by Aisha. It was Adric and Nydor.

“What took you so long?” she asked.

“Nydor was afraid of me leaving him stuck in the wall...” Adric muttered.

“Was not,” Nydor said, childishly.

“Excuse me!”

They turned, Lady Romana was on her feet and was looking indignant.

“What is the meaning of this invasion? We are about to pass sentence on this criminal!”

“We've come with new evidence!” Adric said, as Nydor pulled out his recorder. “Listen!”

Nydor pressed the play and out echoed the voice of the head lecturer of the Academy...

“So, you found our little secret. Genius way of getting rid of troublesome students who want their ‘freedom’... No. Originally the plan was to get the Doctor here, to discredit him,” the head lecturer admitted. “To make sure no other students would want to follow his example! But then you two turned up, claming the Doctor was dead! So you were sent here instead, and we changed our plans. Now the students will see that travelling away from Gallifrey turns you mad! All three of you will be arrested and sent to the Citadel for punishment!”

“So there you go...” Adric said. “We, along with Nydor here, were set up. This was planned to discredit the Doctor, and ended up making fools of you... we were all used.”

The Council seemed a little unsure, finally Romana spoke again.

“It seems we have jumped to the wrong conclusions...” she said. “Send out the order. Arrest the lecturers at the Academy's Prydonian Chapter, get the truth from them!”

The head guard saluted and left, leaving the three young people looking up at the Council.

“I hope we've satisfied you. We have done as I promised we would,” Aisha said. “With the help of Mr. Pian of course.”

“And we are grateful,” Romana said. “Now, we shall need to find you all somewhere to live...”

“Then we shall take our leave while you do that...” Adric said, as the three of them turned around and began to walk towards the open door.

“Hang on! STOP!”

As the two guards leapt at them, Aisha and Nydor grabbed Adric's hands and the three of them slipped through the floor and onto a lower level. As they began to run down the corridor, suddenly Nydor stopped by a storeroom and ducked inside. Aisha stopped and ran back.

“Come on man!” she shouted.

Nydor came out with a part, and the two of them caught up to Adric, who was currently floating above some guards' heads and dodging their shots. As he distracted them Aisha and Nydor got inside the security area, once inside the TARDIS Nydor went to work fitting the part.

“They'll have disabled it, I'm fixing it!” was all he would say to Aisha's questioning.

Aisha stuck her head out of the TARDIS door and saw Adric being backed towards the door, she shot out her hand, grabbed his collar and pulled him back into the TARDIS before closing the door. Nydor pressed the de-materialisation switch and with the familiar grinding noise they disappeared into time...

“That was too close...” Aisha sighed, flopping back into her chair.

“Trust in us,” Adric laughed, as he stroked her hair. “Hey Ny, we made a good team back there!”

Nydor scowled at what Adric was doing and walked into the corridors. Adric seemed about to yell something after him, but then sighed.

“He's going to be a hard one to get on with...” he said.

“Ah, he'll learn,” Aisha said, getting to her feet. “Now... to wherever the hell we're going next!”


Meanwhile back in the Citadel they watched the monitor's blip as the TARDIS moved between the times...

“We've got a lock, shall we bring them back?” asked the engineer.

“No, let them go,” Romana said. “They interest me, and if we have need we can always find them again...”