Aftershock 8 - Prydonian Genocide

by AishaLeHerisson [Reviews - 0]

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  • Action/Adventure, Alternate Universe

Author's Notes:

One moment all was quiet within the Prydonian part of the Academy, then suddenly with an explosion of glass two young Gallifreyians came flying through a window, followed swiftly by an Alzarian with angel wings. At once windows were opened and students leant out, screaming abuse and encouragement to the fleeing three. The doors opened and lines of older Time Lords and Ladies came out, all determined to capture the three runaways.

“You'd better get us out of here fast!” Adric yelled at Nydor.

“Don't worry, it's just down here!” Nydor said, pointing towards the fence.

As they came to it Nydor dived to his hands and knees and scrambled behind a bush. As the other two watched suddenly he emerged on the other side.

“See?” he said. “Come on!”

Aisha nodded and dived into the bush too, Adric however just phased through the fence, and together the two guys helped Aisha up as she came through the gap in the fence hidden by the bush. Aisha pointed at a transport.

“Get in quickly, let's get outta here!” she said.

As the boys went into the carriage Aisha leapt onto the front where the controls were and programmed in the code for the citadel, as she finished the lecturers were coming. Too close!


As Nydor hit the button the transport zoomed, off, Aisha stuck to the front like an insect. As she clung on Adric's hand came through the front and taking it she was pulled through the front into the carriage. She bounced off the seat and sprawled over the floor on her stomach, she pulled herself up and dusted down her white top and purple jacket.

“That was too close!” she grinned.

“I’ll say!” Adric laughed.

“What? How can you two be so… so… flippant?” Nydor asked, seemingly outraged. “One of my friends has just been kidnapped, possibility MURDERED!”

“Chill Nydor,” Aisha said. “At the moment we're alright. I know we have to be prepared for anything, but it doesn't hurt to relax a little.”

“Yeah, but you promised to take me away from here,” Nydor said. “If you're killed, what chance do I have of ever leaving Gallifrey?”

As he turned away Aisha could see the shock at Nydor's selfishness in Adric's eyes, but as he looked ready to hit the young Prydonian Aisha shook her head.

“He could still be useful,” she whispered. “And anyway, it'll be just one trip, then if he'd a pain we'll drop him off somewhere.”

“If I don't kill the cheeky git first,” Adric muttered angrily, crossing his arms.

Suddenly the transport began to slow, Aisha looked around warily and Adric stuck his head out through the wall. Nydor seemed panicked.

“T-they've cut the power! The Citadel!” he said. “We're gonna be caught!”

“Adric?” Aisha asked.

“We're nowhere near the Citadel,” the Alzarian said, bringing his head back in. “I think it might be wise to bail, rather than wait for either the Citadel to send their guards, or the Academy theirs.”

“Right,” Aisha said. “Come on Nydor. We're going.”

“But where?” he asked. “The Council is definitely after us now! How're we going to get there to convince them if they've sent guards?”

“Exactly!” Aisha said, pointing at the stunned Prydonian.

“Exactly what?” Adric asked, as he unlocked the door to let the other two out into the grassy scrubland the transport had stopped in.

“We need to get to the Citadel, and the Council have most probably sent some of their troops to get us and bring us back!” Aisha said, with a grin. “See what I'm saying?”

“Oh! Why should we bother walking there and breaking when they're going to come to us?” Nydor asked.

“Correct,” Aisha said. “Now... shall we move towards them and cut down the return journey, or shall we wait?”

“Like Nydor, said, what's the point in walking there?” Adric asked, before sitting down and stretching out his legs. “Let's just relax for a bit...”

“We have to appear to be still trying though,” Nydor protested. “I mean, otherwise they'll figure out that we WANT to go!”

“You can never agree with me can you?” Adric muttered under his breath. “Even if I'm agreeing with YOU!” He snorted and closed his eyes, Aisha sighed. This was going to be a miracle if they ever got back to the TARDIS all together alive...


They all turned to look, a troop of guards armed with stasers were coming up the hill. Adric scrambled to his feet.

“So soon?” he asked.

“Yeah, soon. RUN!” Aisha cried.

They ran off in the opposite direction, not towards the guards, but not towards the Academy either. But the ground was mountainous and the guards well trained, so they were easily able to get closer to the three fugitives. One shot his staser, just missing Nydor who yelped and stumbled, rolling down a steep cliff. Aisha beckoned to Adric to follow her down to try and get him, but as Adric dived down, able to fly because of his ghost status suddenly another shot hit Aisha's legs, stunning them and sending her down onto the cliff edge. Adric paused, unsure whether to do his job or to get Nydor as Aisha had asked. Then Aisha made it easier for him.

“Get Nydor!” she cried. “Both of you keep going! I'll try to convince them, but we need that recorded conversation!”

“But I...” Adric protested.

“GO!” Aisha cried, as the guards caught her.

Adric dived down towards Nydor, who was getting to his own feet. Adric grabbed him and awkwardly hid them in an underground cave.

“Where's Aisha?” he asked.

“Shh!” Adric hissed, as the guards started to descend to try and find them.

They both lay low to the ground in the cave, hidden in the shadows and wild brambles. The guards stomped around, searching for them, but the miniscule entrance was hidden by the grass and anyway, it didn't seem big enough for someone to crawl through (Adric had phased them both down through the ground). Eventually they gave up, and went back up. Adric pulled them both up as soon as they were gone and breathed a sigh of relief.

“That was close,” he said.

“What happened to Aisha?” Nydor repeated.

“They got her,” Adric said. “We've got to get there, she can't convince them without that recording. It‘s up to use to save her.”

“Of course we've got to save her!” Nydor said. “She's too precious to lose!”

Adric stared at Nydor, as the young Prydonian started to climb up the cliff. Something had occurred to him. Was Nydor short with him, because he too had loving feelings for Aisha? Was Nydor jealous of him for having got there first? And if so, how long had he fancied her? He dismissed these questions from his head. All that mattered right now was getting to the Citadel. And Aisha.


Some time later the guard’s transport stopped, and opening the back two guards grabbed their prisoner and led her into the Citadel. All the while Aisha, her hands now tied in front of her struggling and swore at the top of her voice.

“This is brutality of the worst kind!” she cried, in a voice not unlike that of her father’s sixth self. “Where is the proof of what I am charged?”

But her protests were ignored, as she was led down the corridors and through into a chamber, where most of the Council sat. Aisha toned down her struggling at the sight of all the glares directed her way, but she showed she wasn’t pleased about being captured in such a way.

“You know why you are here ‘Aisha’,” said Flavia. “What do you have to say in defence to the accusation of abducting and killing Prydonian Time Lords and Ladies?”

“I’d have to say, with all due respect,” Aisha began. “That you are all stupid fools to believe the lying words of the Prydonian Chapter’s head at the Academy!” Her ears then seemed to hear what she’d said and she paused.

“More words like that and we might do away with a trial altogether young Time Lady!” said a male Councillor. “Calm yourself!”

“Where is the evidence that I did what I am accused of then?” Aisha asked, sounding only minutely calmer.

“The Academy sent us this video along with the transmission warning of your approach,” the male Councillor said.

Suddenly the screen for the Matrix came up, and played back an aerial clip of the hidden laboratory in the Academy. As they watched in came Aisha, Adric and Nydor, who began searching around. Just as Nydor pulled the strip of nightdress from the machine, in came the lecturers and the clip shut off. The clip had had no sound what so ever.

“There,” said the male councillor.

“There what?” Aisha asked. “That proves nothing except we were there.”

“And how could you have known that the laboratory was there, unless you had something to do with it?” Flavia asked.

Aisha was silent. She couldn’t let them know about Adric’s ‘abilities’. It might jeopardise any chance of rescue and of clearing this whole mess up.

“Just as I thought, silence,” Flavia said. “Have you anything to say before we retire to decide the sentence?”

“Only that I am innocent, as are my two friends…” Aisha said. “But what’s the use of protesting? You don’t believe a word I’m saying!” She gave a cynical laugh.

“We shall now retire to discuss your sentence,” said the male Councillor, getting to his feet. “Guards, take her to the security area, and make sure she doesn’t get away. Lock her inside her TARDIS, it’s been disabled and we have locked off the corridors , so she’ll never get away whilst inside it.”

The two guards saluted and then roughly dragged Aisha from the chamber, Aisha put up no fight, but glared fiercely at Flavia until the door shut…