Aftershock 8 - Prydonian Genocide

by AishaLeHerisson [Reviews - 0]

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  • Action/Adventure, Alternate Universe

Author's Notes:
In which the culprit strikes the Academy...
Also contains some Adsha fluff.

That night after everyone had gone to bed Aisha sat up, dressed in the Gallifreyian bed-robe she’d been provided with. She used the moonlight coming through the window of the small, but luxurious room she’d been given, to check her watch.

“Three, two, one…” she counted.

As she looked up Adric came through the wall, still in his original clothes, having come from the room they’d put him in, locking the door for good measure. Aisha’s door too had been locked, but that wasn’t going to stop them from being together. Thank goodness they didn’t know Adric happened to be dead!

“What took you so long?” she teased.

“I had to keep out of the sight of the patrolling lecturers,” Adric said. “I came this close too many times…”

“Hopefully it’ll be less populated in the early morning,” Aisha said, before pulling back the cover of her bed. “Come on, it’s getting cold in here without you.”

Adric leapt into the bed, and Aisha dropped the cover back down over the two of them. But as they began to snuggle suddenly there came the noise of a click from the door. Aisha quickly pretended to be asleep while simultaneously pushing Adric’s head under the cover.

“Quick!” she hissed. “Transform!”

“Into what?” he asked, his voice muffled.

“I don’t know!” Aisha said.

Suddenly the door opened and Aisha relaxed all her muscles, closed her eyes and feigned sleep. As she pretended to awake she felt the cover beside her drop as Adric transformed himself into something. She sat up, rubbing her eyes.

“What…?” she asked. “What is it? It had better be pretty important… is the Academy on fire or something?”

“You were told,” said the Time Lord. “We do not condone intercourse here!”

“I’m sure I don’t know what you mean,” said Aisha getting out of bed. “There’s no one else here!”

The Time Lord came in, and, turning on the light, started checking in any place someone could hide. Eventually he pulled off the cover, revealing a bed and… Aisha tried her hardest not to laugh. The Time Lord frowned.

“What is that furry animal with the strange star mark?” he asked.

“Oh, this was a gift from the Doctor,” Aisha said, picking up the ‘animal’. “He took me to Earth. Interesting place, friendly natives. This is an example of what human children use as a comfort at night.”

“The Doctor was a fool,” the Time Lord said. “Terrians are unevolved savages, barely able to get off their own planet!”

“Information from books or first hand experience? I think it’s the first,” Aisha shot back. “You should try a little freedom. Does the world of good you know.”

“Next time… you will be caught,” the Time Lord said, pointing at Aisha. “Mark my words, I KNOW your little friend was here!”

“Oh don’t be stupid!” Aisha shouted at his retreating back. “You locked the door! HOW could he get in here? Through the flamin’ wall?”

As the door slammed Aisha placed the ‘animal’ on the pillow, she shook her head.

“You know, you make a good teddy bear,” she laughed.

“It was the first thing that came into my head…” Adric said, as he sat on the bed, transformed back.

“Well it was a good idea. You should try it more often,” Aisha grinned at him as she climbed back into the bed.

“Not on your life,” Adric said, as they resumed where they’d left off…


The next morning they were both awake early, as Adric had to get back to his room lest the Time Lord’s suspicions of the night before be proved right.

“Good luck, see you later,” Aisha said, as the Alzarian went through the wall to begin his journey back.


Above Valki was just beginning to stir, recently she’d been awaking earlier and earlier… It was worrying but she would usually get back to sleep within ten minutes. But today… something was holding her back. It took a while but she finally recognised what it was… a weird buzzing noise. As she pulled herself up from her bed it continued, a constant droning… Valki knew, absolutely for certain, that the noise was not normal and she should not investigate. But she couldn’t help it; it was as if the buzz had taken control of her mind, calling her towards it…

She opened the door and walked down the corridor in her sleeping garments, slavishly following the noise, trying to discover the source of this annoying yet controlling droning… As she stopped outside the door she recognised it, but before she could do more than take in the name plaque on the door it opened and Valki was bundled inside. She tried to move, she tried to scream but the buzzing still controlled her, filling her head. She was frozen solid and unable to escape. As she looked into the face of the familiar Time Lord he laughed.

“Curious minds do no one any good,” he said to her, as he stroked her cheek. “What a shame though, I was hoping to get that Mr. Pian. But you’ll do as an appetiser for my masters!”

He dragged the immobile girl to the far wall and pressing a button, revealed that the wall had a secret passage that led into a small laboratory. He pulled her inside and pushed her into a clear glass tube, once he closed it she found herself able to move. The tube was soundproof, and she got to her feet, beating her fists against the glass. The Time Lord laughed.

“Serves you right for wanting to leave us, no one must leave the Citadel any more!”

Then the tube lit up with a flash of light and Valki screamed as she disappeared. The Time Lord laughed.

“Let that be a lesson to you,” he said. “Next time I WILL get Mr. Pian! And then my masters will be satisfied, and we will finally be rid of the notion of freedom.”

As he walked out a head came up through the floor, it was Adric, who had heard the buzzing while he’d been drifting down the corridor. He’d been keeping an ear to the floor listening to all that had gone on, when he looked at the large tube and saw a shred of Valki’s nightdress trapped within the door he shivered.

“I’ve got to tell Aisha!” he said, before ducking down under the floor again..

He flew down the corridor silently, but quickly and came through the door to Aisha’s room, but Aisha had fallen back asleep in the time since he’d left her room to try and get back to his own. He shook her, but she refused to awake. He tried tickling her but she just turned over, sending the end of the blanket flicking up through Adric’s nose. He sighed.

“Damn you,” he muttered. “If only I had… then you’d wake up soon enough!”

He decided to go back to his room, he knew that she wouldn’t awake now for a while and there was no sense in giving away the game to the lecturers of the Academy that he could pass through walls…


Back in his dormitory Nydor was just awaking when suddenly a piercing scream from one of the girls’ rooms rang through the air. Instantly Nydor was out of the bed and on his feet, while his roommates woke at the noise. Nydor’s friend got tangled in his blanket and rolled off his bed, landing with a thud on the floor. Nydor went over to help him up.

“What was that?” his friend asked, as he returned the blanket to his bed.

“One of the girls,” Nydor said. “Must be some kind of insect or something…”

“But I’ve never heard them yell that loud before!” said another of his roommates.

Suddenly the door was flung open, the Time Lord that had met Aisha and Adric the previous day was standing there, dressed messily in his robes as if he’d quickly flung them on. He was still doing up the buttons of his collar.

“All of you, get dressed and get downstairs to the assembly hall,” he said. “Something tragic has happened.”


Adric had been ‘freed’ from his room five minutes after the scream. As he followed the Time Lady who had been sent to get him and Aisha, he reflected on how on Alzarius he was going to get Aisha on her own to tell her what he’d heard a few hours previously. Just as he was thinking this he realised he’d blindly followed the lecturer to Aisha’s room. Aisha hadn’t been awoken by the scream, dead to the world as she was after the night’s events. As the door was unlocked and the Time Lady tried to shake her awake Adric smiled, thinking of the foolproof method he’d discovered to get his girlfriend awake…

It had been a brilliant night… he finally managed to get to his ‘special time’ with Aisha. Okay, it had started a bit… well; basically judging by what Aisha had said he’d terrified her. This made him feel both mischievously happy, and guilty. But after the attack everything had fallen into place, and they’d had a good time…

He’d already been down to Steve and had flinched at the now dried mess they’d made of the stone dungeon-like room… They were going to have to clean it all up before it started to stink. Next time he made a note to put down plastic sheeting that could easily be hosed down in the drain room a few floors down. But he’d also found a bucket he’d forgotten about. He didn’t particularly want to pour it down the drain, but he couldn’t use it. He couldn’t just throw it over himself; it wasn’t as much fun without Aisha by his side, scared but trying to hide it, getting covered in the same stuff.

So he walked over to her room, and set the bucket down outside her door as he opened the door. Aisha had changed her style over her past two re-generations and now slept on a Trioplian ‘Air Bed’. This was basically a set of air jets that supported her in sleep. Adric remembered when he'd tried to first lie down on it. He'd solidified himself and because of his lack of weight had been blown right up through the ceiling (he'd phased through). Aisha had been in fits of laughter for the rest of the day. Now she was lying on her back, oblivious to everything. Adric put his hand on her shoulder.

“Aisha?” he said, shaking her. “Come on you. We’ve got a room to clean!”

She didn’t wake though; he shook her even harder.

“I don’t want to either, but we have to,” he said, thinking she was faking it to try and get out of the job.

But still she wouldn’t wake; he tried tickling her (which had worked in the past), rolling her over. But nothing was waking her.

“How do I get her up?” he thought.

There was a pause as he thought, and then he remembered her reaction to what he’d done to her when she’d tried to cheek him… A slow evil grin spread along his face as he stepped outside the room…


Aisha was having a dream, a wonderful brilliant dream. She was back in her first form, walking down the corridor. As she came into the console room, she saw the Doctor, in his tenth form, standing there beaming at someone else.

“Aisha!” he said, greeting her warmly. “You should have told me! I don’t mind having him around!”

Aisha was puzzled, and as she leaned in she saw who the Doctor was talking about. Adric was standing there, angel winged and smiling. As she came properly into the room Adric approached, they were going to kiss, she knew it, she felt it! But as they closed their eyes, coming in closer…

Suddenly she was hit with something cold, wet and lumpy. She was thrown out of her dream instantly and opening her eyes, yelled and rolled over, landing roughly on the ground. As she grimaced in pain she heard Adric’s laugh, she opened her eyes and sat up rubbing her head. She glared at the Alzarian angel, who was holding the bucket that had contained the offending substance that was now dripping over her chest, face and legs.

“What did you have to do that for?” she asked, as she tried to get as much of the porridge off her as possible.

“You wouldn’t wake up,” he said, as he let the bucket swing by its handle from his hand. “I knew that was the only thing that would get you up!”

“Sometimes I really wonder why I ever became your girlfriend…” Aisha sighed, as she pulling herself to her feet…

Yeah… she’d probably never forgiven him for that one. Fortunately it wouldn’t have to be done again, as the young almost Time Lady was finally stirring. Ah well, he thought. There was always tomorrow morning…