Aftershock 8 - Prydonian Genocide

by AishaLeHerisson [Reviews - 0]

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  • Action/Adventure, Alternate Universe

Author's Notes:
Aisha and Adric meet Nydor.

Somehow the word had spread across the Academy that the Prydonian chapter was being threatened, members of other groups were now shunning their friends of that chapter. But only a few students knew of the imminent arrival of the famous Prydonian Time Lord of legend, Nydor and his friend included.

“I can’t believe that he’s really going to be here!” his friend said to him. “I don’t believe in what he did in stealing that TARDIS… but to see the legend is exciting!”

“I know…” Nydor said. “If only I could make him take me away with him. Away from here, to freedom and adventure!”

“You’re dreaming Ny,” his friend laughed. “Even if he could, what would he want with you?”

They laughed, but inside his friend’s comment stung Nydor. He was well aware that he was second best to his siblings to his parents, and forever getting in trouble for dreaming here at the Academy. His last report had described him as ‘useless’, and Nydor longed to find a way, prove to someone that he wasn’t worthless…

“Hey! A transport!” shouted a girl. “It’s got the Council’s crest!”

“Come on!” shouted Nydor.

The group of four or five ran to the planned point where they were going to get a glance of the visitor. As they came to the railings, they found that someone had covered it over with large heavy sheets of something almost, but not quite plastic.

“Spoilsports…” Nydor’s friend muttered.

“Now what?” asked another.

“Here, someone give me a boost,” Nydor said. “Valki, still got your science project?”

“Yes, I… oh!” said the Time Lady.

She fished out a small screen like a portable TV attached to a long hose with a shiny orb in the end. Nydor was boosted up by two of the others, the orb end of the tube in his hand. The other four watched the picture on the ‘TV’.

“It’s opening!” Valki squealed, as she bounced up and down with barely suppressed joy.

“Yeah… hey!” cried the one boy who wasn’t boosting Nydor. “That’s not the Doctor!”

“Who’s that girl? And her friend… Is the Doctor not coming?” Nydor asked.


At this yell Nydor toppled backwards, and as he landed in a heap with his friends two of the lecturers came round the corner. Quickly the five of them pulled themselves up to face up to their teachers…


As they got out and faced the Academy gates Aisha snorted.

“Still full of the usual Gallifreyian pomp…” she said. “It looks exactly the same as I remember it…”

“But you’ve never been here,” Adric said.

“No, but the Doctor has,” Aisha said, as the escorting guard climbed down from the transport. “Come on. Don’t want to give him an excuse to shoot us.”

They quickly walked forwards, followed by the guard. As they approached the gate opened and an elderly looking Time Lord came out to meet them.

“Ah yes,” he said. “I was told to expect two young people instead of that troublesome Doctor…”

Aisha bristled at this, but the Time Lord carried on as if he hadn’t seen.

“…Anyway, while you’re here we have provided some rooms for you…”

“We can sleep together,” Adric protested.

“We don’t mind,” Aisha added.

“Yes, well we don’t condone any sort of intercourse between the different genders here,” the Time Lord said. “Of course, you’ll be free to do what you need to, to get familiar with the place and to solve this mystery… but obviously you’re not allowed outside the gates unless the Council allows it.”

“Typical,” Adric snorted, so only Aisha could hear but earning a poke from the guard behind him.

As they followed the Time Lord in suddenly Aisha spotted a group of young Time Lords being escorted by two other stern looking lecturers. She quickly broke away and went up to them.

“Hello, I’m Aisha,” she said to the group of five. “How are you?”

“Excuse me,” said one of the lecturers. “These five have broken the rules, they are due to be punished.”

“Oh no, we can’t have that,” Aisha said, with a grin. “I need some pupils to show me around.”

“I’m afraid that won’t be possible.”

The old Time Lord had finally noticed what she’d done and had come up behind her, Adric was behind him looking on with a smile on his face.

“You just told me, did you not, that I am allowed to do what I need to, to get familiar with this place?” Aisha asked.

“Well… yes,” the old Time Lord said.

“Well, I’m asking for these five to be my guides,” Aisha said. “I’m sure you won’t object.”

“Fine,” said the old Time Lord, then to the five. “But next time…”

He walked off, leaving the threat hanging. As the other two lecturers walked off Adric laughed.

“That was a classic Doctor move,” he said. “Expertly executed!”

“I learnt from the best. And I have a good friend to egg me on!” Aisha said.

They high-fived and then turned to the five young Prydonians.

“You don’t have to show me around if you have something better to do,” she said. “I just told them that to get you all off the hook.”

Four of them muttered their thanks, and drifted away. But as Aisha and Adric headed towards the Academy, Nydor tagged along.

“I said you don’t have to…” Aisha said.

“Keeping up appearances,” he said. “I’m Nydor. Nydor Pian.”

“Ah, of the famous Pian family!” Aisha said. “Tell me, how’s Rabei these days?”

“…My great-grandfather died 20 years ago,” Nydor said.

“Ah…” Aisha said. “Well he was a good man… from what I remember.”

“Who are you two anyway?” Nydor asked, as they carried on walking. “What happened to the Doctor?”

“The Doctor couldn’t make it,” Adric replied quickly. “We’re the back up.”

“Well, good luck in finding out who’s behind the murders,” Nydor said.

“Thank you,” Aisha said.

“You’ll need it…” Nydor muttered as he walked off.

There was a slight pause as they watched him go round a corner, and Aisha turned her stunned face to Adric.

“Did he really just snub us?” he asked her.

“That’s a Pian for you… type of family who thinks they’re superior to the other families…” Aisha sighed. “Or maybe he doesn’t respect the Doctor’s ‘back-up’… why did you lie anyway?”

“To save you explaining the circumstances of his death again,” Adric said. “A guardian angel has to protect against mental pain too you know.”

“You really take your job too seriously at times…”