So Did You!

by Chaimera [Reviews - 1]

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  • Drabble, Introspection, General

Disclaimer: If I did own Doctor Who, I wouldn’t be writing this story.

Drabble. Spoilers for 'Dalek'. Many thanks to Hudine

So Did You!
By Chaimera

The Doctor watched as Rose led Adam down the hall and out of site. He didn’t like Adam. He didn’t want to bring him with them. Why had he? The boy may have been smart but he was annoying and already, the Doctor could tell that he wanted Rose for himself. He was young and cocky and good looking and he didn’t like that. Why had he let Rose convince him to bring the boy? He knew. He had already replayed their conversation more than a few times.

“He left you down there!”

“So did you.”

There had been no accusation in her voice but the statement was enough to give her anything she wanted. Anything to make up the fact that he had killed her.

Those three minutes had been hell for him. His chest had become so tight he couldn’t breath, his vision practically blurring. She was dead. He had looked around, finding other people to blame. Van Statten. When he came strolling through the door, Adam. She was dead.

Then the screen had lit up, Adams focus shifting from his face to the screen behind him. He had spun around and she had been there, alive. He could breathe again and the world resumed turning, however slowly. She was alive and his hearts swelled with relief and… She was alive.

He didn’t want Adam here but he would do anything for her. Even though the boy; by not helping her, by leaving her behind for three minutes, had killed her.
So had he.