Zolfa Thura

by Milieva [Reviews - 5]

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  • Fluff

He held up his hands in the darkness and counted off each of his fingers as he began to list them, “Zolfa Thura, Yegros Beta, Xeriphas, Woman Wept, Vel Consadine, Urbaka, Ta–“

The blonde head resting on his chest lifted and turned to face him. “Ta?”

“Yes, Ta,” he stated indignantly before going on to explain, “Ta is the headquarters of the Issigri Mining Corporation. It orbits a star called Pliny. Would you prefer a different T? Telos, or Tarisus perhaps?”

Rose settled her head back on his chest and snuggled closer to him before quietly answering, “No, Ta’s fine.”

The soft fingertip tracing circles on the sensitive flesh of his chest had the time lord drawing a sudden blank for a moment.

“Where was I?”

“S,” she answered, replacing her gentle touches with feather light kisses. The rhythmic double beats of his hearts quickened ever so slightly from the warmth of her breath against his skin.

“Right, Shantella Prime.” He had to pause again as he floundered for the next name to add to the list. “Raxacoricofallapatorius, Quinnis, Pola Ventura–“

Rose contested the name as she continued line of kisses she was slowly trailing across his collar bone. “Pola Ventura” kiss “is a city” kiss “not” kiss “a planet.” kiss kiss.

Tucking her hair behind her ear as she sat up ever so slightly to look him directly in the eye, she continued, “And don’t give me that whole thing about there being a planet with the same name.”

“I won’t.” He agreed attention still caught by her swollen red lips.

Oh how he loved that mouth especially now as its owner had resumed her conquest of every inch of his skin. The kisses continued round his jaw and up to where they became nips at his ear and neck, while a stray hand traced long determined patterns down his sides.

Butterfly touches gently stroked at the soft flesh of his outer thigh, causing him to cling to his lover a little more tightly as she knowingly enticed involuntary reactions.

“Oh…” He panted slightly for breath as she breathed a reminder of his letter in his ear. “Pluto?”

Rose returned her hand to a less distracting resting place on his stomach as she shuffled a knee to rest between his legs. “Something outside my solar system.”

“You didn’t specify that.” With a gentle finger to her chin, he guided her mouth back to his for a light chaste kiss.

“I am now,” she whispered, smiling against his lips before sitting back on her heels. “Anyway it isn’t even considered a planet anymore.”

The Doctor sighed in disappointment at his torso being so suddenly devoid of soft Rose flesh.

“Will be again in about two hundred years, you humans are always changing the way you categorize things.” He moved to sit up, but reminding look from his lover made him quickly return his head to the pillow. He sniffed indignantly as she scooted further down the bed. “Poosh.”

“Poosh?” Sweeping her hair to one side, Rose held her tresses back from her face as she bent down to lavish her attentions on his abdomen.

“Yes, Poosh. It is a planet. Small, but still a planet. Almost as small as Plu…Plu…Pluto.” The planet’s name came out in a bit of a squeak as a warm damp tongue flicked into his navel. That was just cruel. Rose knew perfectly well how sensitive those nerve endings were, but no matter what he was not going to admit to being ticklish.

“O,” the blonde breathed, planting a firm kiss below the indention she’d just teased.

“Ogros, Neogorgon, Malcassairo, Lonsis, Kegron Pluva, Jahoo–“ He curled his lips into an over exaggerated O shape with the last syllable. Rose laughed joyously and climbed back up his body to rest fully against him again.

“What’s so funny about Jahoo?” the Doctor asked of her hair, breathing in the coconut scent of her shampoo.

Laying her cheek against his chest again as she clung to him and smiled. “Nothing. Just the way you said it.”

He continued slowly, enunciation each syllable with an over exaggerated flare, accentuating each with a kiss to his beloved’s hair line. “Iphitus, Heremethica, Glasson Minor, Fagiros, Epsilon Four Zero Gamma, Delfron, Clom, Barcelona–“

“I liked Barcelona.” Rose stroked lightly at the soft fuzz of hair on the back of his neck. “Can we go back?”

“Of course,” he answered, rolling them both over and kissing her as if it might very well be his last chance. There was too much lost time to make up for. “Adipose III, the Adipose breeding planet.”

“Breeding planet? They need a whole separate planet for breeding?” Rose threaded her fingers through his hair as he kissed her left cheek and then her right before returning to her mouth.

“Some people like more than just a locked door,” he teased, laughter in is tone.

Rose shoved at his shoulder playfully. “Like you even notice when a door is locked.”

They’d lost count of how many times he’d walked in on her in the shower or changing her clothes, now he was scolded far less often, for neither could stand to be away from the other very long. The absence was simply too strongly felt.

Grinning like a Cheshire cat, he reached back for the blanket, pulling it up over them both. “Can’t have you doing any breeding without me.”

“No, definitely not.”