The Sands Of Time

by TimeLord89 [Reviews - 4]

  • All Ages
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  • Character Study, General

Author's Notes:
A small character study of the melancholy Seventh Doctor.

"Look at the hourglass, Ace. What does it symbolize to you?"

Ace hesitated for a second, eyes fixed on the small granules seeping through the glass tube in the middle of the two bulbs.

"Life?" she replied, an edge of uncertainty in her voice, as if she didn't really know.

"Ah, yes. Life. To you, the tiny granules of sand represent small fragments of being, each one a breath, or a heart-beat, seeping away as Death creeps ever closer, until the top half of the jar becomes empty, thus ending life."

Ace nodded, bowled over by the Doctor's eccentric wisdom.

"So what happens when..." The Doctor allowed his voice to trail off, as he turned the sand-timer upside down, restarting the process within it.

"Do you see Ace. Life for you isn't like that of an hourglass. You can't just go back to the beginning, start afresh...But I can. I ride the Sands Of Time in the Hourglass of the Universe, morphing from one shape to another, each time turning my world around, starting over. These granules represent my essence, each of the two bulbs a different body for me to inhabit, one emptying my life, and one gathering it up, collecting it, saving it until I am ready to restart the procedure..."

Ace could do nothing but nod again, her eyes now fixed on the Doctor, his grey eyes so chilling and empty, yet full of a strange sadness far beyond anything that Ace had ever felt, "And that's what a Time Lord is?"

The Doctor sighed, "Yes. And after a while it can become tiresome. Complex. More complex than an ordinary hourglass, and its simplistic yet meaningful concept." Now he moved closer to Ace, determined, serious, and dark. "Never take immortality if it's offered to you, not in any way, shape or form. Because if you do, believe me, you'll regret it..."

The top bulb of the hourglass was empty.